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Earn your Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Computer Science in 2.5 years, complete with a liberal arts education that prepares you to work with the world’s leading tech companies.

Blue Wave

A New Curriculum for a New Economy

Redesigning higher education for the career-minded.

Our project-based curriculum—built in partnership with Silicon Valley companies such as Lyft, Microsoft, Yelp, and Spotify—prepares you to keep up with the rapid speed at which technology and new languages evolve. Unlike a traditional 4-year degree that includes a once-a-week lecture followed by hours of self-directed homework and tests, our accelerated degree program resembles the typical work week of a STEM professional. Because of this unique structure, you will be able to graduate in just 2.5 years with a robust portfolio and immediately be ready to put your learning to work.

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Blue Wave
Make School Students

Build Industry Connections from Day One

Make School Students

One-on-one mentorship and immersive training with top companies

With a campus in the heart of Silicon Valley, Make School’s industry connections run deep. We have been one of only twelve colleges selected nationwide to host Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute extension program, engineers from Yelp have taught multi-week classes on technical interview readiness, and we hold regular job fairs where companies like Microsoft, Lyft, Uber, Twitch, and others actively recruit our students. In addition to learning the foundations of Computer Science by building products with experienced pros, you will also be assigned a mentor who will meet with you weekly so you always feel supported and in touch with the industry at large.

Learn more about our industry opportunities > Make School Students

Your Whole Self Belongs Here

Creating an inclusive community from admissions to extracurriculars.

We strongly believe that diversity is key to the success of organizations and the tech community as a whole, and that is why we strive to create a safe, nurturing environment where students of all backgrounds can excel.

Our students are like-minded in their love for computer science, but the similarities end there. We find that our most successful students are not necessarily the ones with the most previous experience but those who are passionate about creating real, practical products—even if they are new to coding.

Our admissions criteria is based on work ethic and excitement to learn because we believe that your potential is so much greater than the sum or your test scores and GPA. The majority of our students come from low to mid income families, while nearly half identify as underrepresented minority students.

Your Success is Our Incentive

Our graduates have an average starting salary of $100K at companies such as:

We are committed to helping our graduates land their dream jobs, and we believe that higher education should be a path to upward mobility rather than insurmountable student debt. That’s why we created a unique financial model called Extended Income-Based Repayment (EIBR), which, in very basic terms, means that we’ll pay for your private student loans if you are unemployed or underemployed after graduation. You pay nothing until you have a job that enables you to pay back your loans. Our goal is to create access to education for everyone, even those who may not be granted federal or private loans. If that's the case for you, our team is dedicated to finding a solution tailored to your specific circumstances.

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