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You'll earn your Bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Science

Studying liberal arts and computing through project-based education with high touch instruction

Computer Science

You'll work with cutting edge technologies used by industry, supported by a strong theoretical foundation in computing.

Product Development

You'll primarily learn by doing, applying your coursework to building software products that solve real-world problems.

Liberal Arts

You'll build a broad-based foundation to supplement your technical expertise and understand the context of the modern world.

Our graduates earn an average starting salary of over $100,000

And experience strong student outcomes on par with top computer-science programs

We provide a bachelor's degree accessible to students of all backgrounds

Through our debt-free pay-as-you-earn tuition model and living expense support
Make School Students - Statistics for current student body
31% underrepresented students of color 80% pay through Income Share Agreements 65% use our living expense support

In the press


“This Upstart School is Offering a Bachelor's Degree in Today's Hottest Job Skills—and Students Pay Nothing Until They Get a Job”

Welcome to the future of higher education

Entrance to the Make School campus

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