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Immerse yourself in a community of makers empowered to build software to shape the world.

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Product based

Product Based Education

You’ll spend 2 years learning the ins and outs of computer science and product development through building software designed to impact real problems. You’ll be learning the same technologies, frameworks and design process used by tech companies.

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Pay as You Earn

In 2014 we became the first higher educational institution to offer college financing through Income Share Agreements. You’ll pay tuition as a percent of earnings once you have a successful job in tech.

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Built With Industry

Our instructors came from careers in the tech industry and are trained as educators. Engineers from our partner companies help us keep our education relevant and serve as your mentors.

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To be a Make School student is to be

Passionate About Making

Our students love to create. They are driven to build solutions to problems facing their communities. They are relentlessly resourceful when tackling challenges that stand in their way.

Embracing a Growth Mindset

Our students are introspective. They challenge themselves to turn their weaknesses into strengths and grow into their best selves. They are intellectually curious and work hard to turn their learning into action.

Kind and Empathetic

Our students are open-minded and kind towards others regardless of creed, class and color. They are thoughtful in their communication, and bring empathy both to the products they design and their relationships with others.

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A Unique College Experience

San Francisco

Study in the heart of Silicon Valley, fully immersed in the tech industry. Socializing with professionals alongside your peers.

Explore San Francisco as your campus, experiencing the unique culture and counter-culture through workshops and events.

Connect with our diverse community of 2,000 alumni from 50 countries scattered across top universities and the tech industry.