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Summer Academy

The Make School Summer Academy is a three week program for high school students of all experience levels to enhance their programming skills

This is the summer that will change your life.

Students at the Summer Academy get a Silicon Valley education provided by instructors trained in San Francisco. With an instructor-student ratio of 1:12, the Summer Academy is designed to maximize the amount of individual attention each student receives from these leading experts.

Demo Day

Our amazing community of alums go on to attend top 10 CS programs (Stanford, Columbia, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard) and work at companies like Apple, Tesla, Snapchat, and Google. You’ll gain access to a network of visionaries who get invited to demo their apps at The White House and are featured at conferences like Oculus Connect 3. Most importantly, you’ll launch products alongside students and instructors from over 50+ countries who will become your future colleagues and lifelong friends.


We are happy to announce the 2nd Make School Tokyo Summer Academy!
During these three weeks, our instructors from San Francisco will teach you how to make an iOS app. You'll create it alongside other passionate builders like yourself and get to feel the impact of making your own software product – get excited!


Week 1 iOS Programming Basics

Learn Apple's new programming language Swift and the fundamentals of programming iPhone Apps.

Week 2 Computer Science Fundamentals

Dive deeper into programming concepts. You'll use these concepts to study and implement algorithms commonly used in programming iPhone apps. You'll also develop an understanding of how to structure and build Apps by modifying simple apps.

Week 3 Build an iPhone app!

You'll recreate popular apps and be able to run what you built on your iPhone! You will be able to continue building even more complicated apps after the program ends with lifetime access to our online materials and alumni community.


There's more to developing a product than just programming. In this three work course, we’ll also focus on nurturing your creativity! We'll visit companies and have speakers from the industry to help you see what's out there.

Important Dates

  • May 12 Early Application Deadline

  • June 15 Regular Application Deadline

  • June 23 All Admissions Decisions

  • July 23 - August 11 Tokyo Summer Academy

  • Our admissions team will contact you within 1 week of submitting your application.

Location for the Tokyo Summer Academy

Home campus: TechShop Tokyo

3rd floor, Ark Mori Building 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 〒107-0052

*Satellite Campus: Besides the home campus, we will also use other classrooms.


At Make School, we are looking for students who are passionate to build and are looking to join a global community.

To be successful in the Summer Academy, you need to be:

  • Comfortable listening to and speaking English*
  • Comfortable typing on a keyboard
  • Comfortable using a Mac computer for basic functions
  • Passionate to work hard and learn!

*Regarding English
The Summer Academy is taught in English – to make sure every student participating is successful, we are looking for applicants who are comfortable with English, and part of your application process will include an English level check.


Tuition for the Tokyo Summer Academy is ¥297,000 (tax included).

Tuition does not include room and board.

For students who do not have the financial means to afford tuition at the new price point, we do have a limited amount of merit-based financial aid available. If you are admitted to the Summer Academy, you will then need to apply for a scholarship to determine if you’re eligible.

Apply for the Tokyo Summer Academy in Tokyo

We encourage you to submit your application to the Summer Academy today.

We review applications on a rolling basis, and enrollment is first come first serve for admits.

The Summer Academy is suitable for students of all skill levels. Based on your experience level we will admit you into the appropriate level and match you to the right instructors.

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