San Francisco

Summer Academy

Tracks Offered at the San Francisco Summer Academy

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Apps Track

Build Your Own iPhone App

6/19 - 8/12

Games Track

Build Your Own iPhone Game

6/19 - 8/12

VR Track

Build your own VR experience

6/19 - 8/12

Important Dates

Tuition: $10,000
  • June 1 Application Deadline

  • June 4 All Admissions Decisions Made

  • June 19 - August 12 VR Track runs weekdays 9am-5pm

Curriculum for VR Track

Week 1: Unity Basics & Brainstorming

Learn C#, Unity, and study the current VR market while learning brainstorming techniques.

Week 2: Mastering Virtual Reality

Dive deeper into VR and Unity. You'll learn the frameworks used by popular games and continue with brainstorming exercises.

Week 3: Team Hackathon

Work with a team to create your first VR game and refine your skills. Play test your peers games at the end of the week!

Week 4: Starting your Game

Start working on your own game that you'll submit to the Steam Store by the end of the Make School Summer Academy.

Week 5: First Playable Build

Continue working on your game and start user testing a portions of it.

Week 6: Finish the "Core Loop"

Finish up the core game loop of your game to complete the minimum viable product. This will give you plenty of time for polish and submission.

Week 7: Polish

Focus on the design of your game. Fine tune the colors and animations to make your game delightful to play.

Week 8: Steam Store Submission and Demo Day

Complete the polish and prepare your game for Steam Store submission.


Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition for the Summer Academy VR Track is $10,000. Tuition does not include room and board.

For students who do not have the financial means to afford tuition, we do have a limited amount of need-based financial aid available. If you are admitted to the Summer Academy, you will then need to apply for a scholarship to determine if you’re eligible.

You will find the financial aid application on your student dashboard. We begin making rolling financial aid decisions in February. We recommend that you apply for financial aid as soon as possible to avoid the risk of funds being no longer available.

We also encourage students applying for financial aid to crowdfund their tuition. Several past Make School students have successfully crowdfunded their way to the Summer Academy. If you would like more information about crowdfunding, please email

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