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San Francisco

Summer Academy

The Make School Summer Academy is a six week program for developers of all experience levels to enhance their development skills.

$1,000 tuition or $3,000 total with housing!

This is the summer that will change your life.

Students at the Summer Academy gain a professional-caliber education provided by real developers. With an instructor-student ratio of 1:16, the Summer Academy is designed to maximize the amount of individual attention each student receives from these leading experts.

Demo Day

Our amazing community of alums go on to attend top 10 CS programs (Stanford, Columbia, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard) and work at companies like Apple, Tesla, Snapchat, and Google. You’ll gain access to a network of visionaries who get invited to demo their apps at The White House and are featured at conferences like Oculus Connect 3. Most importantly, you’ll launch products alongside students and instructors from over 50+ countries who will become your future colleagues and lifelong friends.


Week 1 Development Basics & Brainstorming

Learn the stack needed for your track (Apple's new programming language Swift for iOS and HTML/CSS/Javascript for web) and study the current market. Get started using the tools professional software developers use while learning the best brainstorming techniques.

Week 2 Mastering Development

Dive deeper into development while cloning more apps. Meet industry veterans and learn about the industry and the development lifecycle. You'll learn the frameworks used by popular apps and brainstorm app ideas of your own!

Week 3 Team Hackathon

Learn about design best practices by studying visual layout, user interfaces, balance, and user delight. Apply these design lessons to work with a team on your very first iOS or web app. User test your peers’ apps at the end of the week!

Week 4 Starting your App

Start working on the app you'll eventually submit to the iOS App Store or release online by the end of the Summer Academy. Your peers will serve as project managers for your app, and in return you'll help manage theirs. Continue working on your app while helping your teammates write a project specification, form a development schedule, and stick to it.

Week 5 Complete the "MVP"

Finish up the core features of your app to complete the minimum viable product (MVP). Learn how to tackle difficult debugging and software design challenges. Test your MVP with real users and get feedback to better understand how to improve it. Learn to create an on-boarding experience that drives users to engage and fall in love with your product.

Week 6 Polish, Release, and Demo Day

Keep working hard towards completing your final product, iterating based on the feedback of your instructors and peers. Fine tune the colors and animations to make your app delightful to use. Prepare your app for submission to the Apple App Store or online release and present it during Demo Day. Recruiters, founders and developers from tech companies and startups will come to meet you and see what you've built. Our graduates have gone on to get internships at Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Tesla, Snapchat, and many other wonderful companies.

Important Dates

  • Dec 20 Evangelist Application Deadline (first pick of mentors & company visits)

  • Feb 7 Early Application Deadline & Evangelist Application Decisions Made

  • Mar 14 Early Application Decisions Made

  • Mar 21 Early Financial Aid Decisions Made

  • Apr 4 Application Deadline

  • May 9 All Decisions Made

  • May 16 All Financial Aid Decisions Made

  • Jul 2 - Aug 11 Summer Academy runs weekdays 9AM-5PM

Location for the San Francisco Summer Academy

Make School HQ

1547 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94103

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition for the iOS Track or Web Track is $1,000.

Students in the San Francisco Summer Academy will have the option of reserving housing for ~$2,000 total (security deposit may be required). Housing will cover the entire 6 week program. You will be able to register for housing from your dashboard and you will be reminded via email when options are released.

For students who do not have the financial means to afford tuition at the new price point, we do have a limited amount of merit-based financial aid available. If you are admitted to the Summer Academy, you will then need to apply for a scholarship to determine if you’re eligible.

Look out for an update within the next few months (we'll email you) for more details about the new financial aid process. Once open, you will find the financial aid application on your student dashboard. We begin making rolling financial aid decisions in the spring. We recommend that you apply for financial aid as soon as we open the process to avoid the risk of funds being no longer available.

We also encourage students applying for financial aid to crowdfund their tuition. Several past Make School students have successfully crowdfunded their way to the Summer Academy. If you would like more information about crowdfunding, please email

Apply for the iOS Track or Web Track in San Francisco

We encourage you to submit your application to the Summer Academy today.

We review applications on a rolling basis, and enrollment is first come first serve for admits.

The Summer Academy is suitable for students of all skill levels. Based on your experience level we’ll let you know which pod (explorer, intermediate, advanced) we feel you’ll fit in best, and give you info on how to level-up if you’d like to apply to a more advanced group.

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