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Apps Track

Learn to build iPhone apps

Swift Language

Learn to build native iPhone apps using the Swift programming language.

Coding Fundamentals

Learn about the app development process, from idea to app store.

Industry Expertise

Learn about the software development industry from talks by industry experts.

Week 1: Clone your Favorite App!

Learn native iPhone app development using the Swift programming language by cloning your favorite apps! Get started using all the tools professional software developers use including Xcode and Git and have built awesome apps by the end of the week!

Week 2: Study the Industry, Come up with an Idea

Meet tech industry veterans and learn about the mobile development lifecycle. Study iPhone app success stories and learn about the mobile industry. How and why do the most successful apps take off. Continue to expand your knowledge of Swift and mobile development and start brainstorming app ideas of your own!

Week 3: Learn how to Design for Mobile

Learn about design best practices for apps by working on a series of small projects to study visual layout, user interfaces, balance, and user delight. Apply the design lessons and create the foundation for your project by building a wireframe for your app.

Week 4: Start Building!

Form a team with three peers who will serve as project managers for your app, in return you'll help manage theirs. Continue working on your app while helping your teammates write a project specification, form a development schedule, and stick to it.

Week 5: Industry Skills

Hear professional founders and developers share their experiences in the tech industry. Sharpen your Xcode and Git skills and get to know new tools that are used to debug and profile production level software. Learn how to tackle difficult debugging and software design challenges. Practice studying analytics to measure user behavior in your app.

Week 6: Complete your MVP

Complete the Minimum Viable Product of your app. Test your app or game with real users and get feedback to better understand how to improve it. Learn to create an on-boarding experience that drives users to engage and fall in love with your product.

Week 7: Marketing and Monetization

Keep working hard towards completing your final product, iterating based on the feedback of your instructors and peers. Learn how to prepare for launch and create marketing material to help you get press coverage. Study different monetization strategies and business models for apps.

Week 8: Release and Demo Day

Submit your app to the App Store and present it during our Demo Day event. Recruiters, founders and developers from tech companies, game studios, and startups will come to meet you and see what you've built. Our graduates have gone on to get internships at Facebook, Gameloft, Dropbox, Square, and other wonderful companies in NYC and the Silicon Valey.


Admission to the Summer Academy Apps Track will be competitive; last year we admitted less than 20% of applicants. This summer we have 250 spots available. The application consists of questions that help us get to know you and your programming background. Try to answer the questions directly and include links to your previous work when possible - remember to show not tell. In addition to the written application you'll be asked to submit a coding challenge and record a video interview.

Applications will be read on a rolling basis the sooner you apply, the better your chances!

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Student Profile

Our typical Summer Academy Apps Track student is in high school or college (although we will accept older students). They've had some programming experience before, specifically with object oriented programming. They are passionate about building things (not necessarily software), and work on cool projects outside of school. Some of the characteristics we're looking for in applicants include: intelligence, curiosity, creativity, problem solving ability, passion, drive, and kindness (the last one is important!).

Make School students come from over 40 different countries!

Dates & Locations

  • June 10 Application Deadline

  • June 13 All Admissions Decisions Made

  • June 20 - August 12 Apps Track runs weekdays 9am-5pm

  • August 13 Demo Day, 1pm - 4pm

The Summer Academy Apps Track will be held in San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Singapore, Los Angeles and New York City.

Tuition & Scholarships

Tuition for the Summer Academy Apps Track is $7,000. Tuition does not include room and board.

Last year 40% of our students received a need-based scholarship. If you're admitted, we'll work with you to find a way for you to attend, so we encourage you to apply regardless of your family's financial situation!

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