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Kevin Kuan

Make School has helped me discover a strong passion for iOS and mobile programming. Since graduating from Make School, I went on to study computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and interned at Groupon as an iOS software developer, working on their apps.

-Kevin Kuan

Rachel Pinsker

Make School gave me my first opportunity to do something practical with my love for programming and helped me to publish an iPhone app when I was a junior in high school. I learned a ton and gained practical programming skills I couldn't have learned in school. Since then, I have been studying Computer Science at University of Chicago. I interned at Facebook last summer and plan to return next summer as a Software Engineer Intern.

-Rachel Pinsker

Sam Jimenez

In just a couple months, I learned more about how to develop a game for the App Store and the mobile application industry as a whole than I have so far in a year and a half of college. Shipping my own app has definitely opened many doors for me; Google is currently reviewing my app for a possible summer internship. I'm currently the UI/ UX designer for Accomplished For Math.

-Sam Jimenez

Ryan Vanderhoef

I think anyone who has a passion for technology and creating would have a great time at Make School. If you want to meet and get to know people from all over the United States, and the world, then you should come to Make School. If you want to take an idea through all stages of development to launch, then you should come to Make School. It's a special feeling to be able to see something you created show up on the App Store, realizing that millions of people have access to something that you created is simply out of this world.

-Ryan Vanderhoef

Ben Mickey

I enjoyed every minute of the Summer Academy in New York. It inspired in me an insatiable desire to continue building things with like-minded people and to never give up. In short, it brought out the inner creator in me that I believe lies within all of us. Haha, maybe that's too cheesy, but I loved how product centric it was and truly helped me discover some new core strengths. It was well worth it, and helped me get to where I am today.

-Ben Mickey

Emil Shirima

The experience I had at the Summer Academy I would say truly kick-started my passion and career in computer science. I went from not being able to 100% finish my hackathon projects to winning prizes (Penn Apps and Kent Hack Enough) at all hackathons I attended immediately after the summer academy.

-Emil Shirima

Carole Touma

I was an intern with MGWU the summer before my senior year of high school (2012), back when it was still in Menlo Park and very much in its beginning phases. My younger brother and I built and published an iPhone app called "Name That Jam". It was incredible to see it reach now 60k downloads from all over the world. Since graduating, I now go to Princeton and study CS. Basically the reason I'm a CS major today is because of this app: it introduced me to the fun and exciting aspects of coding. Last summer, I interned at Facebook and built and published my second iPhone app. Next summer, I'm returning to Facebook as a Software Engineering Intern.

-Carole Touma

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