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I would like to thank you and your team at Make School for the opportunities that you provided our son…This past year spent with you and your team and the opportunities that your school provided him were extraordinary. He met amazing young students from around the world that helped him to learn and the friendships he made will be lifelong. He further advanced his computer programming & engineering skills and learned about entrepreneurship and the importance of teamwork & collaboration. Even more impressive was the fact that he could find "gainful" employment so quickly and that he is starting to impress his employers right out of the gate. It took a full month at the company for him to be promoted to a more challenging team.

I'm sure that you remember our early conversations in the decision-making process of him leaving UCLA and moving toward your incredibly novel and clever educational model. It was clearly a smart move! We enjoyed seeing our son interviewed online for the school and believe that he will be one of your staunchest supporters and a great ambassador for your program. We expect great things from him. You and Make School will always be a part of his successes. I'm sure that your collaboration with him will be lifelong.

— Sanford and Sandra Archer Parents of Joshua Archer, Class of 2016

The Product College

Make School’s Product College is a higher educational institution designed for exceptional and divergent thinkers and technologists. Today’s educational landscape leaves much to be desired for the intrinsically-motivated student who yearns to apply their skills in a way that can create real change. Product College students are focused on creating impact on industries as diverse as education, healthcare, government, and technology.

Make School’s focus on self-directed and product-based learning is a model that may not be for everyone. Excelling at Product College requires a level of maturity and inherent drive. We attract students who have ingenuity, drive, and technical expertise and provide an environment that enables them to leverage their talent to build projects like a mind control system for a car or a social good website in partnership with The White House. Students graduate the program with employment offers that rival those given to students at elite universities.

Product College offers a unique opportunity for students to accelerate their development and build a foundation for an illustrious career in the heart of Silicon Valley. If your child is looking to pursue their passion for creating impact through technology, enter the workforce with the skills to succeed, and join a community of like-minded and motivated leaders, they will find a home at Make School.

Product College History

Make School began educating students with one classroom in Palo Alto in 2012. Since then Make School has educated thousands of high school- and college-age students in campuses across the globe including Tokyo, Los Angeles, Taipei, and New York City. We’ve powered courses for MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley and over 65 high school classrooms around the world.

The Product College represents the highest expectations for our students and provides the most support. We are proud and honored to work with such driven, curious, and engaged students. And we share their excitement as they graduate and go to work in places like Google, Pandora, Snapchat, and many others in and outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.


There are three types of courses students take each semester - Core courses that focus on core skills professional people need to succeed, Product courses that emphasize product development through building real products, and Technical courses that explore a technology or language in-depth.

As a small college, Make School provides a highly personalized experience. With a 12:1 student to teacher ratio, skilled instructors are readily available to guide students and provide support as they learn each new skill. Instructors also encourage students to conduct pair programming sessions with each other to promote peer-to-peer learning and simulate the kinds of work environments students will encounter post-Make School.

See the full Course Catalog here and a sample Course Schedule here.

Character Competencies

At Make School we recognize that education should help students become well-rounded people and citizens. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that students gain the skills and competencies beyond merely the raw technical skills necessary to be a software engineer or a successful entrepreneur. We teach and assess the soft-skills or character competencies that are just as valuable as writing an algorithm or debugging a web server. Some of the skills we train and track include Leadership, Communication (Written and Spoken), Emotional Intelligence, and Teamwork.

Tuition Model and ISAs

Make School’s innovative tuition model aims to align our incentives with the outcomes of our students. Students are able to either pay tuition upfront or enter into what’s known as an Income Share Agreement (or “ISA”). Students entering into an ISA promise to share their income with Make School for a number of months after graduation, as opposed to taking on debt during college to pay tuition. If a student does not gain employment after Make School, the student is not obligated to share anything with us. In this way, we ensure that we stay committed to preparing students with the skills necessary to succeed as a software developer.

Make School Community

The Make School community is a strong network of individuals that provides support and shared opportunities for success. Students and alumni often continue collaborating with each other even beyond their time at Make School - whether that means winning prizes together at hackathons or hosting reunions and meetups with other alums.

Student Safety

In supporting the Make School community, we consider the physical and emotional safety of our students to be of the utmost priority. Instructors, staff, and our on-call social worker are all available for students to reach out to and confide in. We believe in providing a safe space for students of all backgrounds to come together and learn skills that can help them advance their careers.

After Product College

Make School students graduate with relevant technological skills, an understanding of the product development pipeline as a whole, and a cultivated set of crucial character competencies. The skills learned at Make School prepare students for lifelong career success as developers in the 21st century.

Corporate Partner Network

Make School is proud to partner with industry-leading companies like Lyft and LinkedIn that are excited about Make School’s approach to computer science education. During regular recruiting events hosted at Make School, our students are often out-numbered by developers and engineers excited by the talent Product College students can bring to the table.

In addition, our partners offer students an inside glimpse at what working at a company looks like - participating in mentorship activities, providing guest speakers, and coordinating Product College field trips to their offices.

Continued Support

The educational and career support offered to Product College students does not end upon graduation. At Make School, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer support to all members of our alumni network long after they have passed through our doors. We care about our students as proteges and are invested in their success.

We are convinced that by providing our students with the right educational experiences, we will empower them to do amazing things. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our students and for the new world they have the ability to create.

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