The Program

Why should I go to Make School? Isn't studying Computer Science in college enough for my career?

College CS programs focus on theoretical computer science but don't provide the practical skills you need to excel on the job. We talked to CTO's at top startups as we developed our curriculum to ensure your theoretical and practical education is relevant. Make School also provides the soft skills you need for a successful career in tech. Everything you learn will give you a peek into the professional world, and everyone you meet will be a key piece of your professional network. The portfolio of projects you build combined with the work experience of the tech internship will set you up for a successful career.

What languages and frameworks will I learn?

We'll teach Python for algorithms and theory, Objective-C and Swift for app development, Flask for backend development, Ruby on Rails for web backend development, HTML/CSS/Javascript and AngularJS for front-end development, and a taste of Haskell and Scheme. Click here for more details.

What is the student to instructor ratio?

We have 1 instructor for every 8 students.

Do you guarantee a tech internship and job after graduation?

We at Make School align our incentives with the success of our students. As a result of the Income Share Agreement (ISA) tuition financing model, we only receive payment if our students secure high-paying jobs at tech companies. We do our best to help place you at an internship through our strong network of tech companies and startups, but ultimately the duty of landing the internship or job will fall on the student. For example, we are responsible for scheduling interviews and prepping the student, however, the student is responsible for excelling in the interview and following through with the company. Click here for a list of our corporate partners and here to learn more about ISAs.

When is the best time to attend Make School?

The best time to do the program is right after you graduate high school or during the first half of your college CS degree. Our typical student is aged 18-25, but we accept older and younger students as well! We do require that you've graduated high school or earned your GED, but we do not look at your GPA when making admissions decisions. Whether you have a CS degree and want to hone your skills or you're a high school grad and want to jump into a tech career, you should apply!

What if I can't commit to two years at Make School?

We strongly encourage a two year commitment to enable you to gather all the skills you need to have a successful tech career. While it is possible that some experienced students become job-ready after one year in the program, most students benefit from the full two year experience. We assess students on job readiness based on our comprehensive job-readiness rubric.

Can I do this part time?

No, we expect you to commit to this full time and for this to be your primary focus for the next 2 years.

Who owns the apps I build during Make School?

You do! You retain 100% of the rights to all the work you do during the program.

What kind of computer do I need? Do I need an iPhone or iPod touch?

You'll need a Mac laptop that can run the latest version of OSX. You can check whether your computer will work here. We usually recommend a Mac laptop that is less than two years old. However, any laptop that can run the latest OSX that has at least 8GB of memory and a SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drive will work. In the case of some older mac laptops, additional RAM and an SSD can be added for as little as ~$200. You do not need an iPhone or iPod touch (iOS simulators on Macs will work well enough).

Where is the exact location?

Make School is held in our wonderful offices in SOMA, the tech centric neighborhood of San Francisco. Our address is 1547 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Click here for map directions.



Is housing provided?

Yes, Make School will be offering a housing option to students. Student housing will be close to Make School HQ, and rent will be approximately $1,000/month. Most students find that it is incredibly beneficial to live with other students, as they can collaborate on projects and help each other during nights and weekends. However, students can also arrange their own housing, if they prefer alternate accommodations. Note that students who request living assistance will most likely be required to take dormitory housing.

Do I pay for my own food?

Yes. For qualifying students a living assistance of $1500/month is provided, of which a portion can be used to pay for some of your monthly expenses. For students not eligible for living assistance, you are required to meet your living expenditure independently.


Tuition & Aid

What is the total cost of attending Make School for two years?

Tuition for the full two-year program is $70,000. If you are a US Citizen or Permanent resident, the full amount can be financed with an Income Share Agreement (ISA). Students taking an ISA do not have to pay any tuition up front, they commit to paying a percentage of their income for a certain number of years after graduating. With ISA financing, graduates only pay when they have a job making more than $60,000/year. See the Tuition and Aid section for more details.

We estimate living costs during the two year program at $30,000. Students in need may be eligible for up to $1500/month in living assistance to help cover these costs.

What is living assistance and how can I apply for it?

We offer need-based living assistance, in the form of an additional ISA, to students who qualify for aid. We offer living assistance of $1,500/month. The living assistance ISA will require 5% of your gross salary to be paid back for 10 years, stacked with your tuition ISA obligation. The living assistance application will be available once you have applied and been admitted to the Product College.

In order to determine if you’re eligible, we require you to submit documentation that demonstrates your comfort with financial planning and literacy. You will also be required to verify your financial need through submission of financial documentation (e.g. a tax return that shows your family’s income and financial situation).


Application & Admissions

Are you accepting students for the class of 2020?

Yes, our next class starts in August 2018. We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2018 . Apply here.

What are the prerequisites?

Prospective students must have a high school diploma or equivalent or be on track to receive one before starting Make School. We look for students with a strong demonstrated work ethic, as evidenced by performance at school, work, or extra-curricular activities. We also look for strong analytical skills.

We have expanded our introductory course offerings and are now able to accept students with strong analytical skills but little to no programming experience. However, the typical applicant has two or more years of programming experience before attending, typically including experience with at least one Object-Oriented programming language.

How many students will be admitted?

We plan to enroll 120 students for the 2018-2020 cohort.

What are the application requirements?

The only requirement to begin the admissions process is to submit a written application for the Product College. Unlike other colleges, Make School does not require a fee to submit the application. We also do not ask for standardized test scores.

While it is acceptable to be a less-advanced programmer, be sure to share other achievements and explain your interest in programming well. Mention any information (clubs, activities, projects) that demonstrates both your pattern of hard work, as well as your ability to be collaborative, logical, and empathetic. Lastly, don’t forget to add links to your previous coding projects. If you don’t have any links, you can put your projects up on GitHub and link that on your application.

What does Make School look for in a prospective student?

Make School looks for traits that include resilience, hard work, a passion for solving problems, the ability to be collaborative, kindness, emotional intelligence, and a high interest in/affinity for software development. We are able to assess these traits by looking at an applicant’s written application, their background in computer science, projects they’ve worked on, and their interview.

What happens if I’m not ready to apply to Make School or my application is not successful?

Keep coding and if something changes in the next few months, let us know. Students have often continued coding on their own, applied again, and been successful at the Product College.

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