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Make School was built on the desire to provide students with an accessible, relevant, and practical education that will set them up for long-term success in their careers. Our new Bachelor in Applied Computer Science, planned to be on offer by the end of this year, is a culmination of that desire. We’re excited to push higher education towards higher accountability, putting student outcomes first.


Articles About Make School

College and Coding Boot Camp Find a Way to Team Up

Make School is now accepting applications for a new bachelor’s degree and expects to have an independent, accredited three-year degree program within five years.

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Make School Wants To Build The Product University For The Masses

College has failed, or so many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs believe. Make School hopes to change this sordid state of affairs.

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For Silicon Valley Hopefuls, Is College Irrelevant?

Make School is trying to reinvent how we educate tomorrow’s tech leaders —  prioritizing apps over lectures.

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Articles About Make School Students

How One High School Grad Studied Computer Science Debt-Free And Nabbed A $90K-Salary Job

Masa Bando deferred admission to MIT, went to Make School, and got hired as a software engineer at a startup.

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How a 19-year-old won a free scholarship to WWDC

Kenny won a coveted scholarship, which includes food, lodging, keynote access and meeting Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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Facebook looks to Make School’s students for their next generation of innovators

Under a new agreement we just signed, Facebook will actively look for new recruits within Make School's student body, and Facebook will host events at the main Facebook campus...

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Lever: Promoting Non-Traditional Backgrounds in Tech

Make School was founded to empower students to build and ship products. Creating a product that improves the lives of others is a thrilling...

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Student Tia King Blog

Finding Your Own Way with Tia King

"Between the coaching and the's all encouraged me to live my own truth...and that has given me a confidence boost as I go out into the world as a black woman in tech."

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Student Victoria Murray Blog

Going After the Dream with Victoria Murray

"I did the Summer Academy before moving onto art school...But six weeks into my new program, I knew the education I was getting couldn't compare to the education I saw my Make School friends get…"

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Student Jacob Haff Blog

Engaging in Creative Destruction with Jacob Haff

"Make School focuses on so much more than just making you a spectacular software engineer,' Jacob says. 'Make School equips its students with the tools they need to find work!"

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Email: Address: 555 Post St San Francisco, CA 94102

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