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Therapy - Bea Arthur on practices of self understanding and wellness
October 25, 2017

Our topic for today is therapy. I know some of you may think, I’m not going to therapy I don’t know if I need therapy. But this episode is about some of the deeper human aspects of social emotional intelligence, understanding yourself and others, and I guarantee there will be something in here for you. And part of the reason I think there will be something is because we have an amazing guest...

Called “innovative and inspiring” by the American Counseling Association, licensed therapist and entrepreneur Bea Arthur has become a leader in the field of mental health care and telemedicine. With the goal of transforming traditional therapy into a more affordable and approachable experience, she created In Your Corner which provides instant, expert support when you need it. The Columbia University alum has worked with a variety of demographics including addicts in recovery, couples in crisis, and survivors of domestic violence. Her passion for self-care led her to start two wellness-based businesses and a thriving private practice all before the age of 30. She has been featured in Elle, MTV, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, VentureBeat, NPR, and many many more. Arthur is also the first black female CEO from the US to be accepted into the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program.

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