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Empathy - Roman Krznaric on the extreme sport of understanding others
July 24, 2017

“Take a walk in someone else’s shoes” is a common saying. But what if you literally did? Wore the sandals of a refugee … loafers of a business person… sneakers of a dog walker in Sacramento who just wants scruffy to finish his treat. What if you could see life outside your own head?

Roman Krznaric is trying to enable exactly that. He’s the founder of the Empathy Museum, author of Empathy: Why it Matters and How to Get it

And he claims we should develop empathy like an extreme sport, a boot camp. In this episode Roman and I talk tactics:

  • How to develop empathy
  • Tactics organizations can use to create empathy between employees
  • The best empathy bootcamp
  • How to break barriers between people
  • Stories on how empathy brought about some of the greatest innovations of the last century.

His tactics are super practical.

If you want to apply these insights to your own life here are some exercises to get you going… Action:

  • Write down 1-3 perspectives you feel you don’t understand
  • Write your guess on how you can effectively understand those perspectives
  • Listen to the episode and take note of which strategies you may want to adopt
  • List 2-3 action items / things you’ve learned
  • Now do it! Or schedule it into your calendar

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