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How can trying new things help you live a better life?

Few can answer this question better than AJ Jacobs.

He is famous for his year long experiments on his mind, body and soul, each of which has been turned into hilariously insightful bestselling books and Ted Talks.

In Know It All he read the entire encyclopedia britannica over 18 months. In the The Year of Living Biblically he attempted to live by the Bible’s hundreds of rules as literally as possible. Drop Dead Healthy he took a one year healthy quest in which he revamped his diet, exercise regimen, sleep schedule, sex life, posture and more.

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Willpower. Self-control. How to get more of it? Sometimes I feel like I hold the leash of the dog of life and sometimes I feel like life is walking me. So how do we reconcile the push and pull?

John Tierney, NYT bestselling author partnered with Roy Baumiester, leading researcher on the topic of willpower to dissect the 7 tactics you can use to strengthen your willpower; the book hit the top of the charts and hit them on a circuit to help businesses, politicians, and organizations around the world develop what they call – the most important virtue.

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Roman Krznaric helps us develop empathy, design our own "empathy bootcamp", break barriers between people and bring these tactics to organizations. You'll also hear stories of how empathy brought about some of the greatest innovations of the last century.

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