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Our topic for today is therapy. I know some of you may think, I’m not going to therapy I don’t know if I need therapy. But this episode is about some of the deeper human aspects of social emotional intelligence, understanding yourself and others, and I guarantee there will be something in here for you. And part of the reason I think there will be something is because we have an amazing guest...

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How do you know what’s essential in your life and what’s not?

Greg McKeown has helped top executives answer that question and reach peak performance. His premise is simple – cut out what isn’t useful so you have more time for what is … but the execution is a bit more complex: with all the opportunities, invites, resources, how can we clear our RAM, unclutter the desktop and folders in our head so we have more energy for what is essential.

Greg’s book Essentialism has been praised throughout Silicon Valley, and has brought Greg clients from companies including Adobe, Apple, Google, Facebook, Pixar,, Symantec, Twitter, VMware, Yahoo! and more.

I started by asking Greg for advice on my own challenges...

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Fred Luskin and I discuss the whole process of forgiveness and getting over the past. I really trust his opinion – he’s a Professor at Stanford and has led forgiveness work for 9/11 victims, employees at major tech companies, and survivors of genocide.

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