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Ted Dintersmith is on the forefront of innovation in K-12 education. He has a unique background that’s part venture capitalist, part author, part educator, and part filmmaker. So, he thinks a lot about the future of technology, future of employment, how we prepare students for that future, and how to get the word out.

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Daniel Coyle studies talent, particularly the communities that launch a disproportionate number of success stories. Places like a ramshackle tennis court in Moscow, a music academy in New York’s Adirondacks, and a baseball-mad island in the Caribbean. We discuss the environments and coaching strategies that enable talent to thrive.

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This episode goes beyond “I told the truth” to a more difficult place – being honest with yourself, facing your fears, and coming into the world with all your honest hopes and insecurities.

Brad Blanton does exactly that. He curses. He calls you out. He’s been documented farting, unashamedly in front of reporters mid- interview. He’s spent the past 30 years as a psychiatrist and leader of the Radical Honesty movement and wrote a bestselling book by that name. He is hilarious.

I gave Brad full permission to tear me apart in our interview

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