We are building out all the RESTful routes for our Review resource.

URL HTTP Verb Action
/ GET index
/reviews/new GET new
/reviews POST create
/reviews/:id GET show

We've already completed the index, new, and create actions. Now you will add a show action that will display a single resource via it's id.

Now let's setup the show action so we give each single review its own page and unique url path.

Show One Review

Remember always start with what the user will see and do. To create the show action, you will want to start by making a link to the review from our index action template. Your route has to follow the /reviews/:id structure.

MongoDB automatically creates an _id attribute on anything you save. So we can use that _id attribute for our :id in the route.

<!-- views/reviews-index.handlebars -->


<a href="/reviews/new">New Review</a>

{{#each reviews}}
  <h2><a href="/reviews/{{this._id}}">{{this.title}}</a></h2>

What happens if you click on one of those links? A friendly error! Let's do what it says and make the route.

// app.js


app.get('/reviews/:id', (req, res) => {
  res.send('I\'m a review')

Now what happens if you go to that route?

req.params & Review.findById()

Ok time to add a template with an actual review object!

// app.js


app.get('/reviews/:id', (req, res) => {
  Review.findById(req.params.id).then((review) => {
    res.render('reviews-show', { review: review })
  }).catch((err) => {

Now if we go to the route, we'll see the error that no template reviews-show is found. Great! Let's make it.

<!-- views/reviews-show.handlebars -->


Now what do you see? All the links to reviews should work now.

Add a Back Link

This is good, the show action is working, but there is a bit of a problem. Once you are on the show action page, you can't get back home. Let's fix that by putting in a "Back" link.

<!-- views/reviews-show.handlebars -->

<a href="/">Back to Home</a>


That's better. What else could we do now that we have this show route?

Update the Create Action's Redirect

It makes sense from the user's perspective that after we create a new review, we should be automatically redirected to it, no? Let's change our create route to redirect to the show path.

app.post('/reviews', (req, res) => {
  Review.create(req.body).then((review) => {
    res.redirect('/reviews/' + review._id) // Redirect to reviews/:id
  }).catch((err) => {

Now our user experience is getting very smooth, and our code is getting more and more complete. Onward!


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository or comment below.

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