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So we've come to the end of our RESTful and Resourceful routes. Only one to go: Delete.

RESTful Routes

What the User Sees

As always, we start with what the users sees and does. So let's make a link to delete a review.

We can't set an <a> tag's method (it is always GET) so we are going to use a form to submit a DELETE request to our delete action path.

<!-- reviews-index.handlebars -->

{{#each reviews}}
  <a href="/reviews/{{this._id}}">
  <a href="/reviews/{{this._id}}/edit">Edit</a>
  <form method="POST" action="/reviews/{{this._id}}?_method=DELETE">
    <button type="submit">Delete</button>

Now we need a delete action route. After deleting the review, it should redirect to the home page (reviews-index).

// app.js
app.delete('/reviews/:id', function (req, res) {
  Review.findByIdAndRemove(, function(err) {

We did it! All RESTful routes are complete! It ain't pretty though... let's work on that next.


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository or comment below.

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