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Being productive and organized is going to drive your success at Make School and as an engineer. Not communicating properly and being unprofessional are going to hinder your success. So we made this brief need-to-know guide for what to do and not do.


Being professional does not come naturally. Professionalism is a set of behaviors that we all need to work on and train. We can break down professionalism into a few parts:

  • Overcommunicating - communicating more than what feels necessary with everyone you work with.
  • Timeliness - being on time to meetings and completing tasks
  • Speaking and Writing - avoiding swearing, interrupting, and forms of communication that are out of sync with your environment.
  • Attire - wearing clean clothes that match the situation you are in

These 2 videos are kind of ridiculous, but both have good rules of thumb for how to be professional. If you find a better video or videos on being professional please share! :D

8 Tips for Professionalism

Professional Skills


Here are the guidelines:


  • Respond to all emails within 36 hours with some response, even if it is just "I'll get back to you on Friday".


  • Respond to all slacks same day, even if it is just "I'll get back to you on Friday". Here's a short video about slack if you are not familiar with the tool.


  • Use texts when you need to coordinate same-day with anyone, e.g. if you are going to be late to a meeting. Otherwise use slack or email.

Phone Call

  • Use a phone call in the cases of emergency or if a topic is too complex for text or email.

Bootstrapping Your LinkedIn Profile

Read How to make a LinkedIn page that wows recruiters, according to the guy who just overhauled its design (10 min)

Update and/or create your LinkedIn (2 hours)

Starting Your Make School Portfolio

Much of what you accomplish at Make School will be captured in your Make School portfolio. Go start your Make School portfolio now with just your name, photo, and personal description. This page will eventually be shared with potential employers so please make it look pretty :D (20 min)


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository or comment below.

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