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Make School tutorials should have a consistent flow. This is a short guide to structuring the content of the tutorial.

The beginning

The first section of the tutorial should summarize what the student will learn and what tools they'll use. It should also outline any prerequisites for understanding the material and link to resources for getting up to speed. It's usually a good idea to show a screenshot or video of the final product and link to the solution repository.

Do not create a feedback section linking to the tutorial content repo. This is now done automatically!

Core content

After the intro, the tutorial should continue with the core content. Longer tutorials should be broken up into multiple pages.

Each h1 header (headers created with a single #) will create a new tutorial step when it's accessed from the online academy. Make sure each step makes sense as a step. All the content in a step should be related but short enough to be digestible.

The end

After the core content, summarize what student should know now. Also link to the solution repository.

Finish the tutorial by providing links and resources for the student to dive deeper into the subject.


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository or comment below.

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