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At Make School we use a few digital tools to facilitate coding and collaborating with instructors and other students. Each of these tools you will use EVERYDAY when you are at the product college so it is important that they are loaded on your computer and you are familiar with them before you arrive.

The Command Line or Terminal

If you are not yet extremely comfortable navigating the command line (also called your computer's "terminal"), please complete the Code Academy Command Line Tutorial (Tutorial - 45 min)

Atom or Sublime Text 3

All code is written in software programs called Code Editors. At Make School, we require students to code in the Atom or Sublime Text 3 code editors.

Please download one or both of these editors and familiarize yourself with their keyboard shortcuts.

Getting Started with Git & GitHub

You probably have a GitHub account by now, but if you don't please, create a GitHub account and complete your profile (name, photo, etc).

Now watch this 40 min video by Brian Yu where he explains and demos getting started with git and GitHub.

An Introduction to Git and GitHub by Brian Yu

Now that you have your feet a little wet with git and GitHub, complete Try Git (1 hour) to learn the basics of Git version control with a guided tutorial.

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If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository or comment below.

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