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In order to begin at Make School in the web development track, you must be familiar with the most basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The videos, tutorials, and other materials here will give you enough practice to be ready to begin.

Length: ~25 hrs

Learn HTML & CSS Tutorial

The basics of HTML & CSS can be learned through free tutorials online. Code Academy's tutorial is our best recommendation. It is a bit long (~7 hours), but it is important for you to complete this tutorial so you have an initial grasp of HTML & CSS. All of these concepts will be on the diagnostic assessment.

Code Academy - HTML & CSS (Tutorial - ~7 hrs)

Advanced "Semantic" HTML

HTML might seems simple, but using it well can be somewhat challenging. We've researched and selected a playlist of videos on youtube that will explain the concept of Semantic HTML. This concept will be featured on the diagnostic assessment during orientation.

Semantic HTML (Videos - 2 hrs)

Don't forget to use Emmet to write HTML and CSS fast in Sublime or Atom.


Intro to CSS - Video

CSS is a powerful and flexible styling syntax. Whether you think it is God's gift to humans or just cake decorating, it is important for all web developers to have a solid mastery of simple CSS concepts and tools.

Learn CSS in 12 Min (Video - 12 min)

CSS Cross-Country (Only Lesson 1) (Tutorial - 45 min)

Intro to Dev Tools Tutorial

Probably the least celebrated, but most used, web development tool is the browser itself. And not just the browser but the browser's Dev Tools pane. We use this pane of tools to debug, scale, and tweak the websites we build.

Code School - Dev Tools (Tutorial - 2 hrs)


Up until 2012, JavaScript was only the language of the browser but in 2012 Ryan Dahl built the first version of Node.js, bringing JavaScript to the server as well. Make School's web track focuses primarily on JavaScript on both the front and the backend.

Code Academy JavaScript Track (Tutorial - 4 hrs)

Extra: Code Wars: JavaScript


jQuery is a bit old now, but it is still an incredibly popular client-side library for JavaScript. jQuery wraps some complex JavaScript code into simpler commands. Web developers use it to manipulate and change the DOM, to make animations, and to make HTTP requests to servers using AJAX. Again we will be relying on Code Academy's wonderful introductory tutorial.

Code Acadmey jQuery Track (Tutorial - 3 hrs)

First App - Giphy Search


Let's use Giphy's API to make our own gif search engine.

This tutorial is the first tutorial project of the web curriculum at Make School, and it pulls together and extends the prework you've done here.

Make School Tutorial - Giphy Search (Tutorial - 3 hrs)

We'll be looking at your completed version of this project on the first day of class.


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository or comment below.

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