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The Code of Conduct & Harassment

Make School is a place that is safe for everyone. In order to maintain that safe environment, we follow an official Code of Conduct and a Harassment Policy.

  1. Please read and consider carefully the Make School Code of Conduct and Harassment Policy
  2. What are three behaviors that you are protected from at Make School by this code?
  3. What are three behaviors that you think might be a challenge for you to consistently follow while at Make School?

The Key Takeaways from Code of Conduct & Harassment Policy

  • Everywhere Public - The Code of Conduct and Harassment Policy applies inside Make School and the housing and any other public space.
  • Careful with Jokes - Things said "as jokes" can still make people feel unsafe and uncomfortable, so please make jokes that are funny for everyone.
  • Escalate - If you witness or experience harassment or a break of the code of conduct, please talk to whoever you feel most comfortable, whether that is someone on the student experience team, your coach, or a founder or Susan.
  • What to Do - If you feel like you accidentally or intentionally broke the code of conduct or harassment policy, contact an advocate like your coach or someone on the student experience team. They can help you investigate and take steps to begin to heal trust that may have been broken.
  • Practice Safe Sex with Active Consent - If you choose to engage in sexual activity, make it safe and with active consent. Active consent means that you have deliberately asked to have sex and received an crystal clear "Yes". Don't assume someone wants to have sex. Also remember that if you or someone else is not sober, they cannot give active consent.

Academic and Professional Honesty

Make School is a place of community, trust, fun, as well as high achievement and high expectations. All of these fundamental values are at odds with lying, misrepresenting, or otherwise unethical behavior.

  1. Please read the Make School Academic and Professional Integrity Policy
  2. How do you use other people's code to help your own learning?
  3. What can you NOT do with other people's code?


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository or comment below.

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