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Make two nodes follow each other in Cocos2D

Make two nodes follow each other in Cocos2D

May 7, 2014

Many games require two objects to follow each other, or one object moving to a moving target. Until now you had to implement this mechanism manually. Today we're releasing a new CCAction for Cocos2d 3.0 that makes this a lot simpler, CCActionMoveToNode:


Move to a Node

CCActionMoveToNode *moveTo = [CCActionMoveToNode actionWithSpeed:100.f targetNode:_spriteToFollow];
[_followingSprite runAction:moveTo];

Follow a Node infinitely

CCActionMoveToNode *moveTo = [CCActionMoveToNode actionWithSpeed:100.f targetNode:_spriteToFollow followInfinite:YES];
[_followingSprite runAction:moveTo];

Get informed when target node is reached

moveTo.actionCompletedBlock = ^(void) {
    [self.contentNode addChild:completedLabel];

Provide the target position through a block

Assuming you want to follow a certain position within a target node you also have the possibility to provide the target position through a block:

CCActionMoveToNode *moveTo = [CCActionMoveToNode actionWithSpeed:100.f positionUpdateBlock:^CGPoint{
    return _spriteToFollow.position;
[_followingSprite runAction:moveTo];

A lot more options!

Checkout the code on GitHub. It contains many tests with all kinds of examples how this API can be used.

Have fun with it!


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository.

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