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SpriteKit allows you to adapt your game for the iPad without having to supply new assets and only requires making a few small tweaks.

iPad tweaks

Try running your game on an iPad to see what happens...

You will notice the following:

  • The game view is zoomed in
  • It's unplayable
  • It's running in portrait mode.

Let's fix the orientation issue first, as this game was designed for landscape.

Open info.plist and expand the list at the bottom. Notice the iPad orientation values, remove any Portrait options.

Xcode plist

Run your game... It should now run in landscape mode.

Scale mode

Currently you are using a scene scaleMode or .aspectFill which looks great on the iPhone. However, for the iPad you can't see all of the game content. Let's try another scale mode, .aspectFit will stretch the view to fit the device while using the aspect ratio of the device.

Switch to the Find Navigator tab and search for aspectFill


Replace all results of .aspectFill with .aspectFit

Run your game...

Looking better, the only side effect is the letterbox effect. However, I feel this is more than acceptable for the trivial amount of work required to achieve this compatibility.


Congrats on finishing Peeved Penguins, give yourself or the person next to you a high five.

The next chapter will be a recap of everything you have covered so far, well done.


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository.

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