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Getting started with Peeved Penguins

Getting started with Peeved Penguins

April 10, 2017

In this tutorial you will build Peeved Penguins -- a clone of the classic mobile game Angry Birds. You will be using Apple's Swift programming language together with SpriteKit their game development framework.

What you will learn

Throughout this tutorial you will learn many concepts including how to:

  • Switch scenes from main menu to gameplay
  • Create a camera to follow the action
  • Use the SpriteKit physics engine
  • Utilize physics joints to model a catapult
  • Load levels from SKS files
  • Use the timeline to create character animations
  • Make a game that is compatible with both iPhone and iPad
  • Texture atlas and performance optimization

The finished product

We'll be making a basic clone of Angry Birds with a catapult launcher and seal enemies. The final game will look like this:

Peeved Penguins Screenshot


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository or comment below.

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