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Create a New Project in SpriteBuilder

Create a New Project in SpriteBuilder

February 21, 2015

Project: Learn SpriteBuilder and Swift by building the Game of Life

We'll be using SpriteBuilder to make this game. When we are done, the game will look like this:


Creating a new project

Open SpriteBuilder.

Let's get to work by creating a new SpriteBuilder project:


Name your new project GameOfLife. Make sure you select Swift as your primary language:


Once the project is created, open Finder and take a look at the folder structure of your project. If you can't find your project in Finder, search for it using Spotlight at the top right of your screen.

To open the folder, right click and select Show Package Contents:


The folder structure should look something like this:


SpriteBuilder created a new folder (GameOfLife.spritebuilder). Inside it are a SpriteBuilder project (GameOfLife.ccbproj) and a new Xcode project (GameOfLife.xcodeproj).

The default SpriteBuilder project comes with one scene called MainScene.ccb. Your empty project should look like this:


Testing your setup

Let’s make sure everything was generated correctly.

Click the publish button (on left side of the toolbar) in SpriteBuilder:


Now open GameOfLife.xcodeproj to view the project in Xcode. Run this on the iPhone simulator and verify it shows the “SpriteBuilder” message:


Congratulations! Now you have run your first SpriteBuilder project and you know your tools are working.


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository or comment below.

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