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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

December 18, 2014

Project: Clone Reddit using Rails

This is the end of this tutorial. Continue to expand your app using TDD!

  1. The Ruby Cookbook: Covers most patterns in Ruby and is a solid reference. Don’t read it all, just skim it and look up patterns before writing them for the first time in Ruby.

  2. Practical object-oriented design in Ruby:

  3. Become familiar with the following Gems:

    1. Pry
    2. Devise
    3. FactoryGirl
    4. Rubocop
    5. YAJL

Q: Why is YAJL faster than Ruby’s JSON library?

  1. Learn abut FFI in Ruby:

  2. Check out RubyTapas screencast.

Remember: Red, green, refactor!


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository.

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