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Now we are going to add an Angry Bird style particle effect whenever a seal gets eliminated. SpriteBuilder has a great integrated particle effect designer which we are going to use to define the style of our first particle effect.

Create a new particle effect in SpriteBuilder

In SpriteBuilder create a new file:


Now SpriteBuilder will create and open a default particle effect:


When you open the rightmost tab in the right pane you will see a library of other default particle effects. Often choosing an effect from this library is a good starting point.

Double-click the "Smoke" particle effect - we will use it as base for our custom effect.

In the first tab you can see & modify all properties of a particle effect. With a little effort you can turn the smoke template into one that looks very similar to the one in angry birds.

You can either copy our values from the image below or create your complete own particle effect:


If you don't feel like building your own particle effect now, you can download the one we prepared and add it to your project. Add it by copying the CCB into PeevedPenguins.spritebuilder/Packages/SpriteBuilder Resources.sbpack.

Feel free to spend as much time as you like playing around with different values and options as we will not discuss them in detail now. You can use the Start Particles and Stop Particles buttons on the right pane to manually run your particle effect. Before moving on to the next section you should have your particle effect set up and your SpriteBuilder project published.

Run the particle effect when a collision occurs

Open Gameplay.swift in Xcode. We are now going to add some code that runs our particle effect whenever a seal gets eliminated.

Extend our sealRemoved method to look like this:

   // load particle effect
   let explosion = CCBReader.load("SealExplosion") as! CCParticleSystem
   // make the particle effect clean itself up, once it is completed
   explosion.autoRemoveOnFinish = true;
   // place the particle effect on the seals position
   explosion.position = seal.position;
   // add the particle effect to the same node the seal is on
   if let parent = seal.parent {
   // finally, remove the seal from the level

The most is explained in the comments of this snippet. We load a particle effect and place it on the seals position directly before we remove the seal from the scene. Particle effects start running automatically, as soon as they are added to a scene.

When you run your game and eliminate seals you should see them go up into smoke:


As you can see in the screenshot above, I have added some static ice blocks to the right end of my level, to avoid penguins and seals leaving the level:


You can do this, too. It increases the chance of seals being eliminated.

Well done! Now you know how to create particle effects and make them play when certain events in your game occur.


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository.

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