You have come a very long way since starting Makestagram!

At this point we have covered many of the most important fundamentals of iOS development. This chapter is designed to be a decision point for you:

  1. You can stop the tutorial here and start working on your own app
  2. You can keep going with Makestagram, diving into more features, design details and fine tuning
  3. You can pause here, start your own app, then come back later.

From here, Makestagram is broken into features and key concepts:

  1. Intro to Generics: Type-Safety and Pagination
  2. Introducing UICollectionView
  3. Facebook and Google Login
  4. App Stylesheet using Extensions
  5. Firebase Router using Enums
  6. Realtime Messaging <!-- 1. Analytics with Firebase and Fabric --> <!-- 1. Adding Location Tags --> <!-- 1. Custom Login with UIPageViewController -->

These extensions are for you to learn new features and concepts that you may want to add into your app. You can pick and choose which ones you'd like to implement and which ones you'd like to skip.

What Have You Learned so Far?

Let's take a look at what you have learned so far.

  • how to create a new Firebase project
  • how to setup and connect to a Firebase project
  • app architecture for managing complex apps
  • handling authentication with FirebaseAuth and FirebaseAuthUI
  • managing multiple user flows with multiple storyboards
  • managing user accounts with FirebaseAuth and FirebaseDatabase
  • handling persistence with UserDefaults
  • uploading media to FirebaseStorage
  • displaying complex UI with table view sections
  • handling multiple asynchronous calls with dispatch groups
  • building complex relationships with denormalization and joins

Best Practices

Throughout the tutorial you learned how to employ best practices for many things, especially be separating code out into many classes to make it more modular.

Where to go from here?

You have two options. You have learned enough to get started on your own app and come back if you are interested in any of the tweaks and features that we will be implementing in the next steps. If you want to do this, talk to an instructor!

Or you can continue with this tutorial and learn what goes into finishing the entire Makestagram app.

It's up to you and your schedule!


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository or comment below.

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