Designing the Game Over Dropdown

The last thing left to do is create a game over dropdown. Like a nice rug in a room, this will help tie the whole game together.

Laying it out

In Cocos Studio, open MainScene.csd.

First, make sure that automatic frame recording is off. Drag mat.png on to the scene. Set its name to mat. Set the anchor point to (0.5, 1.0). For now, so we can see it, set its position to (50%, 100%).

Next, drag gameOver.png on to the scene. Make it a child of mat by dragging the sprite in the timeline on top of mat. Set the: - anchor point to (0.5, 1.0) - position to (50%, 90%)

Now, from the Widgets panel, drag two labels (not BitmapLabel!). Name one gameOverScore, and the other gameOverScoreLabel. Make them both children of mat also.

For gameOverScore, set: - position to (50%, 52%) - Text to score - Font Size to 100 - Font File to Game of Three.ttf

For gameOverScoreLabel, set: - position to (50%, 44%) - Text to 0 - Font Size to 100 - Font File to Game of Three.ttf

Now drag button.png on to the scene. Name it play. Set its position to (50%, 8.75%).

Drop down animation

Now its time to set up our down down animation.

With automatic frame recording enabled, move the scrubber to frame 0. Uncheck visibility for both mat and play.

Now add a new animation called gameOver. It should start on frame 121, and end on frame 151.

Move the scrubber to frame 121. Re-enable visibility for both mat and play. Set the position of mat to (50%, 200%). It should be off the screen.

Now, on frame 150, set the position of mat to (50%, 100%).

Go back to frame 121 and click the mat keyframe. Set the animation curve to Circ_EaseOut.

Try playing it! We have a nice animation.

Don't forget to save and publish before moving on.

Coding the Game Over Dropdown

Triggering the dropdown

Thankfully, triggering the game over animation is as easy as adding some lines of code to the end of triggerGameOver().

Add the following:

// get a reference to the top-most node
auto scene = this->getChildByName("Scene");

// get a reference to tha mat sprite
auto mat = scene->getChildByName("mat");

// get a reference to the game over score label
cocos2d::ui::Text* gameOverScoreLabel = mat->getChildByName<cocos2d::ui::Text*>("gameOverScoreLabel");

// set the score label to the user's score

// load and run the game over animations
cocostudio::timeline::ActionTimeline* gameOverTimeline = CSLoader::createTimeline("MainScene.csb");
gameOverTimeline->play("gameOver", false);

Congrats! You have finished a fully polished clone of Timberman!


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository or comment below.

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