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Welcome to the "Advanced iOS Development" course. Throughout the next weeks we will go beyond the basics of software development and will dive into the details of multiple Apple frameworks, programming paradigms and best practices.

You will spend about 3-4 weeks working on an assigned project that will require you to learn the essentials of iOS development in detail. Depending on your experience level you will also have the chance to dive into advanced topics such as automated testing. For the assigned project we will only provide you with the requirements for the application (spec, mockups, etc.) but we won't provide a guided tutorial to implement it. By figuring out the implementation on your own (with guidance from instructors) you will learn a lot!

In the first few weeks of this course we will be giving a variety of lectures that will introduce you to the tools, concepts and technologies that you will need to implement the assigned project.

After the assigned project you will spend up to 8 weeks working on an individual iOS project of your choice. You should start brainstorming right now to make sure you have enough good ideas to chose from! We will also have dedicated sessions to help you come up with viable ideas.

We will still be giving lectures during this second phase, instead of the essentials of iOS development they will cover different advanced topics that not every student will have to learn or use in their project.


All the lectures will be uploaded to this tutorial so that you have a central place to access them. In some cases we will provide additional notes and resources along with the slides for the lecture.


If you have feedback on this tutorial or find any mistakes, please open issues on the GitHub Repository.

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