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Choose between Swift and Objective-C

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Clone popular iPhone apps and games

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Design, code and ship your own app

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Course Overview


Step 1.

First choose between the Apps Track and Games Track. Next you'll install Xcode and get familiar with the Online Academy's dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course work?

The online course will be a mix of text-based online tutorials, Playground challenges and lecture/speaker videos.

Can I access tutorials whenever I want?

Yes. The online tutorials are available as soon as you enroll and can be accessed at anytime.

What is the basic course schedule?

First, you will learn Objective-C or Swift by working through our step-by-step tutorials. They will guide you through the process of cloning popular apps like Flappy Bird, Notes, Instagram and Timberman. The Online Academy also includes video lectures by Make School instructors and Playground challenges.

Then, you will start working on your own app/game and follow our tutorials to implement analytics, monetization and learn how to ship your app to the App Store!

Do you teach Swift?

Yes. We offer our tutorials in Objective-C and Swift.

Why do you still teach Objective-C?

Many companies still actively use Objective-C in their projects. A large chunk of the Stack Overflow answers and iPhone tutorials you will find are still written in Objective-C. As a result, it is extremely useful for you to know how to read and understand Objective-C.

Do I have enough programming experience?

If you have learned these concepts before, you have enough experience: Objects, Methods, Classes, Class Inheritance (Subclasses, Superclasses), Instance Variables, and Class Variables.

I have never programmed before or have little programming experience. Where can I learn beginner programming so I am ready for the Online Academy?

We recommend Codecademy’s Python track to get up to speed. Codecademy is free and very beginner friendly. If you want to start directly with iOS development, you can try Teamtreehouse’s iOS track. Please note that Teamtreehouse costs $25/mo after your 14-day trial.

Do you have an in-person class?

Yes, if you are interested in taking an in-person class, we offer an 8-week in-person Summer Academy.

I can't get Mac OSX Mavericks (10.9) or later. Can I still do the class?

If you cannot get Mac OSX Mavericks or later, you will not be able to run the software required for the class. Do note that Apple offers their OSX updates for free on the Mac App Store

What kind of computer do I need to participate?

A Mac computer that runs Mavericks or greater. You can check if your computer is supported here.

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