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How It Works

Step 1

Step 1: Follow Along

We've created guided tutorials that take you step by step through the process of cloning popular iOS apps.

Step 2: Build Real Apps

Instead of multiple choice questions, learn through the process of building real apps that you can ship to the App Store.

Step 2
Step 3

Step 3: When you finish

You can join us at our Bachelor in Applied Computer Science program and join an accomplished community of developers and founders.

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+How does the course work?
The Online Academy is a collection of self-guided tutorials that cover progressively more complex topics. At the end of each tutorial, you will have built something new that you can show your friends.
+Can I access tutorials whenever I want?
Yes. Because the Online Academy is self-paced, you can access the tutorials as soon as you enroll and can be accessed at anytime.
+Do you have an in-person class?
Yes, if you are interested in taking an in-person class, we offer a Bachelor in Applied Computer Science program.
+I have never programmed before or have little programming experience. Where do I start?
If you want to learn mobile development, start with our "Intro to CS" track, which is designed for complete beginners.
+What kind of computer do I need to participate?
For our iOS track, you’ll need a Mac computer running macOS Sierra 10.12 or OS X El Capitan. It is recommended that your computer has at least 8GB of RAM. We support the most up to date App Store version of macOS, Xcode, and iOS, but beta versions are not officially supported.

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