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Earn your Bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Science through a project based, industry relevant education


“This Upstart School is Offering a Bachelor's Degree in Today's Hottest Job Skills—and Students Pay Nothing Until They Get a Job”

Our graduates earn a $95k average starting salary

Our alumni form a powerful network across the tech industry, working as software engineers at tech giants and fast growing startups. We work closely with industry partners to improve our curriculum and provide mentorship to our students. Our students regularly outcompete their peers at Stanford, MIT, and Ivy League schools for the best jobs in the industry.

"Working for a company like Facebook was exactly the goal that I had in mind when I started Make School. The skills and knowledge that I gained made transitioning into my job with Facebook incredibly easy - it's such a fun, collaborative work environment."

Nick Swift

Project Based. Student First.

We surveyed hundreds of tech executives, software engineers, and college students when designing our curriculum. The biggest thing we heard over and over was that the only way to learn computer science was through building real world projects. We've designed our entire curriculum to be project based, using the same tools and technologies used by the tech industry. The second most important learning was that a tech education is only half the battle. Liberal arts, character development, and communication skills are essential for a successful career, even in the tech industry. So we designed those classes in an equally relevant and engaging way. Along the way we've continued to collect student feedback every three weeks, to ensure that our education is putting student needs first and helping you get the college education you deserve!

Liberal Arts
A broad based education helps round out your worldview and understand the potential and challenges of technology. You’ll take classes on writing, design, personal finance, and economics to help you develop into a successful professional and engaged citizen.

Computer Science
Through classes on data structures, algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence you’ll build critical thinking and creative problem solving skills. You’ll develop the ability to architect software to solve complex real world problems.

Product Development
You'll build and ship real world software, using industry standard tools and technologies. You’ll enter the workforce knowing how to communicate with stakeholders and design great products.

You won't pay a dime for your education until you get a job

In 2014 we pioneered a new tuition model for higher education where students don't take on debt, and instead pay a percent of earnings once they get a job making over $60k per year. If they don't get a job, they don't pay. We did this to ensure our students aren't riddled with debt they can't afford, and that our incentive is to help our students embark on successful careers.

Our tuition model - and living stipends we provide for students from low income families - ensures every single student can afford their education and creates a rich diversity in our student body.

Our current students

A place to call home

Community is the essence of Make School. Our students come from all walks of life, yet are connected by common threads that connnect their passions for technology and their willingness to empathize and uplift their peers. The people you meet here will be your lifelong friends and will work with you to build software to shape the world for the better.

The environment is quite unique because everyone is set in a mindset where they're not looking for competition. Everyone is set to help each other get through obstacles together, and that forms the most supportive environment.
Rinni Swift

Our instructors and staff are united by a similar love of learning and mission to improve our education system. We're a collection of technologists and academics coming from Google, Y Combinator, Stanford, MIT, and many more inspiring organizations. Together we're building the college experience we wished existed.

Our staff

Study in the heart of Silicon Valley

Living in San Francisco puts you at the heart of the technology industry and one of the world's most vibrant cities. We enable students to soak up crucial networking and learning opportunities with industry leading companies. We organize regular field trips to company offices and host talks by successful entrepreneurs, executives, and engineers from companies like Pixar, Lyft, LinkedIn and Netflix.

Healthy Living
Students are actively encouraged to balance their classwork with a healthy lifestyle full of nutritious food, rest, and relaxation.

Explore SF
San Francisco affords many recreational activities including hiking, cycling, watching championship sports teams, visiting museums, and exploring the historic neighborhoods and culture of the city.

Build Community
There are a multitude of communities and meet ups in the city that students can join to network with professionals, learn new skills, and explore topics and culture outside of tech.

Welcome to the future of higher education

Entrance to the Make School campus

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