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40 Awesome Free Fonts For Your Game

It can be said that half of all design is typography, yet so many people don’t give it the care they should. Choosing the right font for your game is vital to carry the overall tone and feel you’re trying to achieve. Use typography too little and your game could seem empty and lacking, but use too much typography and too many fonts and your game can seem cluttered and disjointed.

While there are a lot of fonts out there that have a cost associated with them, there are more than enough free fonts available to get you started and make your game a typographical dream. We’ve collected 40 free fonts to help you along and listed them below. Click any of the images to download that font.


Hand-drawn fonts are a great way to give a touch of personality and a less formal feel to wherever they are used. They can be a replacement for someone's writing on a poster, letter, or wall just as easily as they can be used for menus and system actions.

1. Good Dog

2. The Architect's Daughter

3. Snickles

4. Flux

5. Krazy Nights

6. Mathlete

7. No Consequence

8. Redressed

9. Brain Flower

10. Ampersand


Comic fonts have gotten a bad rap thanks to the infamous Comic Sans, but a quick look at a list of real comic fonts will show there's a lot more there than Microsoft's attempt. Comic fonts are inherently easy to read and carry a hand drawn style to them. Fun and unique, comic fonts can be a huge help to your game when used correctly.

11. Cartwheel

12. Komika Axis

13. SF Wonder Comic

14. Zitz

15. Universal Fruitcake


Stencil fonts are very utilitarian and military-inspired. Based off of the way a stencil that's painted on would look, these are great for signs, banners, and anything military.

16. Gunplay

17. Cargo Crate

18. Armalite Rifle

19. Spray Me

  1. Boston Traffic

Sans Serif

For a font to be considered sans serif, it must be missing the extra little "bits" at the end of every stroke of the letter. These "bits" are actually called serifs, so a serif font includes them, while a sans serif font does not. These types of fonts are great for more casual, smaller bits of text.

21. Aller

22. Anonymous

23. Archivo Black

24. Code

25. DayPosterBlack


Serif fonts are most commonly used in body text because they are easier to read in longer sections of text. The serifs help join words and letters together as you read. This helps you read faster and with less fatigue. This makes serif fonts great for instructions or large groups of text within your game.

26. Optimus Princeps

27. Znikomit

28. Day Roman

29. Foglighten No. 6

30. Bullpen

Wild and Crazy

Fonts don't necessarily have to fit into any one group. There are some wild and crazy fonts out there that can give your game a huge impact and really bring the player's attention where you need it. These should be used sparingly to avoid having them be played out, but when used correctly these wild and crazy fonts can be a giant boost to your game.

31. Costura

32. Minecraftia

33. Firecat

34. Headhunter

35. Cold Night For Alligators

36. Zombie

36. Destroy

37. Maximum Security

38. The 2K12

39. Metal Lord

40. Roman Grid