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30 Game Logo Templates

The best way to get noticed in the gaming industry is to first and foremost develop a great video game. If there is one way to really create a buzz around you as a designer, this is the route to take.

But many game designers fail to learn one important lesson from the big commercial design companies; that is you need an equally good logo so people are drawn to your games and remember them. Think about brands like EA Sports or Rockstar; you can almost picture their logos when you read the name because they spent time in developing something that people will remember.

To give you a bit of help and guidance when it comes to developing a logo for your game company, here are 30 of the best templates you can work from.

Target Style Logo

From Paramount Web Consulting any first person shooter type of games would do well with a logo like this easy to edit file. This template costs $89 but is available in different file formats and color options.

Rocking Horse

A rocking horse can be a great image for educational or children's games. This one from Graphic Springs can be edited on their website and downloaded for immediate use, and it's free.


Another great logo from GraphicSprings that can be freely edited and downloaded, the use of a hand is abstract but it also can be connected to a person holding a controller. The three color look also breaks up the logo nicely.


This premium template is available for $29 and is available as an .AI, .EPS or .PSD file so that it can be modified in any of the big editors. Using the vector image file allows you to increase or decrease the size of the logo for different uses without losing quality.

Freaky Guy

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary then this template might be for you. Available for $49, you also have the option of buying exclusive rights for $125 if you want to be the sole user of this logo.


Robots are always synonymous with gaming so if you want to include one in your logo why not something like this half man, half machine image? Like the Freaky Guy logo, this one can be bought for $49 or $125 for exclusive use rights.


The eyeball logo is the second one from Paramount to make our list. This template has a good balance of shapes and colors that can give you an excellent starting point. As a premium template, this one will cost $89 to use.


Featured on Dribble, this logo designed by Alex Broekhuizen is available for $29. This template gives a futuristic look with clean lines and excellent typography.

Game On!!

Anyone interested in a retro look for their logo should definitely consider the Game On! template featured on the Creative Market website. The layered vector images can be purchased for only $22.


While not specifically marketed as a gaming logo template, the Clownery template has every thing an edgy game company could want in their brand. Available in .PSD, .AI and .EPS files for $29 on the Creative Market.


Into developing brain games? If so, then the NeuroGame template might be just what you are looking for, especially for only $25.

Classic Games

Are you looking to incorporate some imagery from classic type video games into your logo along with some modern gaming imagery? Then the Classic Icon pack, available for only $6, might serve you well.


Want people to call you dragon? Then working off this $29 template might be the best choice for you.

Children's Logo

Another take on the rocking horse style logo this free vector image goes a bit more into detail.


For anyone creating puzzle themed games this free template offers a great start for your logo.


Spaceships and video games go together like spaghetti and meatballs. If a spaceship best describes your company then this is worth checking out. Best of all its free.

Computer Mouse

This simplistic design can be a great foundation for any computer gaming logo.


This $20 logo template was designed with a game store in mind but it would definitely work for a game designer as well.

Logo No. 1

This general purpose logo found on DeviantArt has just the right abstract design to work for any type of gaming company.

Pirate Logo

Adventure games are your specialty? If so then this pirate themed template will serve you well.

Fantasy Shield

If fantasy styled games are more your forte then this logo might be a good place to build from.

High Tech

Sharp angles = modern gaming. You can't go wrong with this free template.


This free general purpose logo has some great design elements and nice color contrasts that can be easily changed out to fit your brand.


$29 gets you this eyecatching template. The use of the controller in the bee's wings is a nice touch.


For $29 you can get a great look that any game designer would be happy with, it's a ninja after all.

Game Scripts

Looking for something really classy? Check out this $29 template, its says an awful lot.


Mobile games are your forte? Let this colorful template be your base to work from.

Game Science

For $29, Game Science is a multi-purpose logo that can be used for just about any genre of game.


For $99 you can have this logo customized with your name and tagline. A fun logo that can really draw some gamers in.


While this logo would work in multiple genres, it is perfect for educational games.