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10 Reasons GTA V Will Be Terrible.

GTA V was released yesterday. While everyone is clamoring to get a copy of the most expensive game ever created, there is a different point of view to be had. It’s easy to get lost in the marketing and hype surrounding GTA V, so much so that you might not notice the glaring fact that the game might just suck.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a landmark game, for sure, but what the landmark itself will be is yet to be seen. For your consideration, here are the top ten reasons why GTA V will be terrible.

10. The Graphics

Some early reviews of GTA touted the quality of the graphics and the lifelike environment set forth around the player. The graphics are, by a margin, the best GTA graphics so far, but for the game to cost over $200 million, they should be outstanding.

Compared to new games like Crysis 3, Remember Me, and Bioshock Infinite, the graphics are mediocre at best. For a game that cost this much to make, you should expect to see groundbreaking graphics.

This could have been resolved if Rockstar had waited to release the game until the next generation of consoles were out. It is obvious that the graphics are maxed out on current systems, leaving you wanting more in the way of graphics.

9. Too Much To Do

With the enormous volume of side missions and possible outcomes, it is not likely that you will ever truly beat this game. While some people like love this idea for the replayability of the game, those gamers that want to actually finish a game will ultimately be left out in the cold.

Even sticking to the main heists and missions will make the game last seemingly forever. This endless list of missions and side missions leads us to number 8.

8. Gameplay is Too Monotonous

With the huge number of missions and side missions, gameplay can get somewhat monotonous. The missions have you running all over the enormous city to complete, only to reward you with another mission.

Many of the side missions are slow and obviously there just for filler. With no quick way to get around and get things done, even the most exciting heist can be bogged down with the minutia of everyday life. And let’s be honest, you’re playing a game to forget about everyday life and the long to-do list you have waiting.

7. Too Many Characters

In GTA V, you cycle through a total of 3 unique characters. This was meant to give you, the player, a wider view of the game as a whole. Seeing the heists, missions, and goals through the eyes of three different characters should be interesting and engaging, but it isn’t.

The constant switching of playable characters seems disjointed and doesn’t allow you to identify with any of them. This connection is what makes a game really fun and rewarding when you complete missions.

Since the characters switch back and forth, they all need to carry some basic goals the same to move the game along. This means that characters will act out of, well, character at points to make sure the game continues. This odd behavior doesn’t fit with the immersive nature of the game.

6. The Sandbox Is Too Big

To say the GTA V map is huge is an understatement. At 49 square miles, the GTA V map is twice the size of Manhattan! When compared to 13.9 square miles from GTA IV, one has to wonder why the enormous increase in landmass?

The enormity of the map makes traversing it laborious at times and mind numbing at others. The fact that you have to remember where things are in that large of a city is amazing. This is just too big of a sandbox to play in and is why the game is nearly impossible to truly beat.

5. Multiplayer

The incorporated multiplayer game makes it very hard for the casual gamer to play. With an incredibly immersive multiplayer world there are so many real-life worries that unless you play constantly, you’re bound to run into problems.

For example, your cars can be upgraded and tuned to be the perfect machine for you, but with one thieving player your ride can be gone. In a stroke of insanity or genius, you can actually insure your ride against this, making the reality of this game a little too much for most.

Your house or apartment in GTA V multiplayer can be used to hang out with friends, just like a real house. This is another case of the game going a little too far for the sake of reality. Hang out with friends in a real house. Use games for fun!

4. Objectify Much?

Not that any of the previous GTA games were martyrs to the women’s rights cause, but GTA V takes it a step further and actually makes objectifying women a part of the gameplay itself!

GTA V has serious issues with women and at its core is a misogynistic undercurrent that drives much of the gameplay. While one might say that this is merely satire, the game tends to take this a little too far.

3. Driving Physics Are Too Real

The cars in GTA V are more realistic than ever. This means that each car drives differently and can be upgraded for better handling and power. This is all nice and good, but for someone trying to play a game, this turns GTA V more into a driving simulator than the fun, violent game it is meant to be.

2. Not as Big of an Improvement Over GTA IV

It’s hard to immediately see the visual differences between GTA IV and GTA V. Given the time between games and the improvements in game design, one would imagine a much larger improvement.

Gameplay is not vastly improved either. While GTA V does have more satire and comedy than its predecessor, too many things are lacking to make this an overall improvement. The only thing that GTA V has over GTA IV seems to be a larger marketing budget.

1. It’s Not GTA II.

Let’s face it. GTA II was an amazing game. The last game in the GTA series to lose the top-down view, it had all the buzz of GTA V without the marketing budget. It was fresh and fun and unique for its time.

The GTA series should consistently be groundbreaking and unique, and GTA V doesn’t fit that description.


While GTA V has a vast array of games, puzzles, missions, and side missions, it lacks true cohesion. This game has a little of every genre in it but does none of them well.

Rockstar would have been better off perfecting a few key elements and making the game phenomenal, but instead they threw in the kitchen sink and make a game that doesn’t excel at any one category.

Most people will buy GTA V and will love it. The question is, do they love it because the most expensive game to develop and market told them to, or because they truly love the game.