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Computer Science Theory

Learn the fundamentals of CS theory starting with algorithms and data structures. Explore advanced concepts like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Work on projects to implement the theory you learn. Develop an understanding of how computers are built from the ground up, starting from logic gates. Explore how the internet and networking protocols work. We’ve consulted with engineering managers at top tech companies to ensure the theoretical education you receive will be worthwhile and relevant to your career.

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Web Development

Learn to build a website using Ruby on Rails for the back‑end and HTML/CSS/JS for the front-end. Implement common website features and excercise best practices of web development. Explore how web design and UX principles differ from mobile apps. Build an original website with a team of your peers, learning how to code alongside others and manage a shared codebase. Once your website is live, you’ll explore the basics of data analysis and analytics to examine your users’ behavior and improve your website.

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Hear successful founders, investors, and developers share their experience in the tech industry. Meet and socialize with hundreds of startup founders and professional software developers and get feedback on the products you build. If you’re interested in founding your own startup, we’ll help you apply to Y Combinator and introduce you to our fellow YC alumni. Learn networking best practices and how to take advantage of your network as you begin your career. A strong network in Silicon Valley is as important as being a strong developer. We’ll help you build yours.

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App Development

Learn native iOS development using both the Objective‑C and Swift programming languages and become familiar with Apple’s frameworks, from Foundation to CoreData. Create a server back-end for your app using Python and Flask. Learn software architecture best practices. Study the full product lifecycle from idea > to prototype > to App Store, by building your own original app. Launch and market your app, aiming to get as many users as you can. You’ll build a product that solves a problem in your life, and helps others as well.

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Open Source

Spend time contributing to popular open source projects, and open source modules from your own projects. Become a part of the thriving open source community, and learn how to contribute to a codebase that hundreds of other developers work on. The open source community lays the groundwork for the tech industry, as the majority of the world’s servers and smartphones run on open source software. Open source contributions are a great way to gain clout as a developer and get noticed by employers.

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Learn to communicate effectively – from pitching, to writing, to email etiquette. Craft concise pitches and grow comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Practice writing documentation for your code that’s easy to understand and train to communicate well with other developers. Study the art of storytelling and write blog posts about your work. Prepare to reach out to employers and leave a strong impression in an interview. Master the ability to convey your thoughts concisely and tailor your message to the right audience, whether it’s a user of your product or a potential investor. Great communication skills are essential to having a successful career.

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