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At Make School, we see the admissions process more as a coaching opportunity rather than a process during which we simply judge students on their skills and experiences. Our mission at Make School is to ensure that every student gains the abilities needed to succeed in reaching their goals and aspirations in life - and this mission starts during the admissions process.

Make School Admissions

How to Apply

Before Preparing to Apply
Step 1 Applicant Checklist
Step 2 RAMP
Step 3 The Decision

The selection process takes a holistic view of your experiences and achievements - both inside and outside of the classroom.

Generally speaking, we are looking for:

  • A pattern of hard work. This could be in an academic or non-academic setting.
  • Involvement in projects, activities, organizations. This could be a hackathon, volunteer work, student council, community projects, sport teams, or academic societies.
  • Character traits such as teamwork, collaboration, kindness, emotional intelligence, resilience, and an interest in software engineering.

While we value prior programming experience, we do not require it. In fact, our admissions process was designed to welcome programmers of all levels.

The Application - The first step is to submit the online application. When completing your answers, remember that we care about quality over quantity. There is no fee to submit an application. After submitting your application you may be contacted by an admissions officer for an interview. The interview will be requested over email.

Submit Transcripts and Test Scores - We require all applicants to submit their SAT or ACT scores, however, the selection process is not focused on test scores. After submitting an application, go to your dashboard for upload instructions or request the testing agency to forward a score report to Make School using our college code numbers:

  • ACT code: 7957
  • SAT code: 7604

Ramp is a free, self-paced, program designed to prepare all prospective students for success at Make School. Depending on your existing level of programming experience, you will be able to jump into the content at the starting point that is right for you.

  • Level 0 - Introduction to Programming
    Practice the fundamentals - variables and objects, arrays, loops, conditionals, functions, and classes - by completing programming challenges that increase in complexity as you build up your coding skills.
  • Level 1 - Object-Oriented Programming Project
    Once you are comfortable with the basics, you’ll take on a larger project - building a portfolio-worthy project from scratch using object-oriented programming.
  • Level 2 - Technical and Professional Development
    Prepare for success at Make School by further leveling up both your technical and professional skills before you arrive.

Throughout Ramp, you will be supported with:

  • Personalized feedback on your code submissions
  • Access to weekly online office hours with video chat and screen-sharing
  • Peer and instructor help in chat or via email

We want to ensure that all prospective students have enough experience with programming to confidently commit to majoring in computer science given that we do not currently offer other degree programs.

Once you have completed all the steps required of you during the application process, we will make a final assessment on your profile.

Transfer Students

Each year Make School welcomes exceptional transfer students from institutions around the country who are looking to dive deep into the practical study of computer science. We appreciate the ways in which transfer students add to the fabric of diverse backgrounds at Make School with their unique perspectives. Learn how to transfer to Make School.

International Students

The F-1 visa is the only visa that non-US citizens or permanent residents can use to attend Make School. Make School will be eligible to accept international students once final accreditor approval is obtained and once the federal government adds the program to the list of F-1 visa eligible programs.

In previous years, the federal government update would usually take weeks. Under the current administration, there may be additional delays.

Furthermore, Make School is in the process of finalizing tuition financing options for international students. Though we hope to offer tuition financing that makes the program accessible to international students, international students should be prepared to cover their cost of living during the program - housing, food, and other expenses may total up to $20,000/year.

As a result, though Make School is accepting international applicants, we strongly encourage applicants to apply to other programs to keep other options open. Make School expects to be able to update applicants on whether the program will be F-1 eligible by April 2019.

Important Dates

Fall 2019 Start

November 18, 2018

Early Action
Admissions Decision by December 21

January 7, 2019

Regular Decision 1
Admissions Decision by February 15

March 15, 2019

Regular Decision 2
Admissions Decision by April 14

August 26, 2019

First Day of Class

Make School students are characterized by:

Hard Work
Resilience & Hard Work
Problem Solving
Passion for Solving Problems
Teamwork & Collaboration
Software Development
High Interest in Software Development
Kindess & Emotional Intelligence

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