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Tuition Income Share Agreements

Since 2014, the majority of Make School students have financed their tuition with Make School's Income Share Agreement (ISA). Instead of paying tuition up front, students taking an ISA commit to paying a percentage of their income for a certain number of years after graduating (see table below.) With ISA financing, graduates only pay when they have a job making more than $60,000/year.

Our ISA financing model aligns our incentives with the outcomes of our students - we are successful if you are successful. With ISA, you only owe when you earn.

Fall and Spring semester tuition is $15,000. Summer semester tuition is $10,000. Total tuition for the bachelor's program is $70,000.

All US Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible for full ISA financing. Make School also offers the option to pay part or all of tuition up front. The more tuition you choose to pay up front, the fewer months of repayment will be shared with Make School after graduation. When you enroll you will be asked to choose your preferred tuition payment and ISA financing plan.

If you choose to pay half or full tuition up front, payments are due in installments before and halfway through each semester.

Income share agreement table (2018)

Partial ISA
Full ISA

Year 1

$40,000 up front tuition

Year 2

$30,000 up front tuition


$70,000 tuition paid

Year 1

$20,000 up front tuition + 18 months of tuition payback at 20% of gross salary

Year 2

$15,000 up front tuition + 12 months of tuition payback at 20% of gross salary


$35,000 up front tuition + 30 months of tuition payback at 20% of gross salary

Year 1

$0 up front tuition + 36 months of tuition payback at 20% of gross salary

Year 2

$0 up front tuition + 24 months of tuition payback at 20% of gross salary


$0 up front tuition + 60 months of tuition payback at 20% of gross salary

Comparing To Traditional Colleges

Our graduates start their careers with an average salary of $100k/year, on par with graduates from top-tier programs and far ahead of the national average of around $66,000 .

Our graduates start working 2 years earlier than typical computer science undergrads. This means that while a student at a traditional college will pay up to $80,000 in tuition for their last two years of college, the typical Make School student is already a graduate and will earn $190,000 pre-tax during those same two years.

Living Assistance Income Share Agreement

Students who demonstrate financial need are eligible for an additional Income Share Agreement that provides living assistance of $1500/month. If you receive a $1500/mo living stipend for the entire duration of your studies at Make School, your ISA payback will be 5-7% of your gross income for 10 years after graduation, stacked with your tuition ISA obligation.

To learn more about living assistance for non-tuition expenses and how to qualify, please visit the Tuition & Aid section of the FAQs.

2019 - 2021 Estimated Cost of Attendance


Live in Preferred Student Housing Live outside of Preferred Student Housing Live with Parents
TUITION* - Year with summer classes $40,000 $40,000 $40,000
TUITION* - Year with summer internship $30,000 $30,000 $30,000
Enrollment Deposit $250 $250 $250
Housing $11,940** $21,600*** $0
Housing (Deposit) $500 $1,800*** $0
Books and Supplies $200 $200 $200
Macbook (only Year 1) $1,600 $1,600 $1,600
Food $4,200 $4,200 $4,200
Health Insurance $100 $100 $100
Transportation $864 $1,278 $1,134
Personal Expenses $2,853 $3,996 $3,564
TOTAL Year with summer classes $62,507 $73,424 $49,448
TOTAL Year with summer internship $52,907 $63,424 $39,448

*The total tuition for the 2 year program is $70,000.

**The cost in this table for Make School’s preferred student housing options assumes the student has a triple occupancy room. The preferred student housing costs are as follows:
Single: $1,450
Double: $1,095
Triple: $995
Quad: $975

*** This table assumes a monthly cost of $1,800/ month to live outside of Make School’s preferred student housing options. The cost accounts for rent, utilities, and internet in a shared 2 or 3 bedroom unit. You may be asked to pay the first and last months rent at the time of signing the lease, in addition to a deposit.

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