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Finish your CS Degree at Make School

It’s not too late, we’re still accepting applications for Fall 2020

Meet Make School: The Express Lane to a CS Bachelor’s Degree

Make School is a revolutionary new college located in the heart of San Francisco - though during these extraordinary times, we are operating fully online. We offer a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Science with concentrations in Frontend Web, Backend Web, Mobile iOS, and Data Science. It is a fully recognized Bachelor’s program accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges as an accelerated degree that can be completed in 2-2.5 years. All of our courses are project-based - students learn theory as they simultaneously build real-world products. The majority of our faculty come from industry backgrounds and we regularly bring in industry partners to advise us on our curriculum. The average starting salary of our alumni is more than $100k at companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Silicon Valley’s top startups. The heart and soul of Make School is its diverse community of students from all walks of life.

Students at open house night

Online learning doesn’t have to be terrible
Transfer to a school that knows how to operate online

We recently asked Make School students: How has your learning experience with Make School’s online classes been?
4 out of 5 students say it’s been on par or better than on-site classes.

Chart of student numbers from survey

To ensure the safety of its students, colleges around the country are forced to conduct classess online. These challenging times require college to be extremely quick to adapt and listen to its students. Let’s face it, most colleges have been struggling with their transition to online learning and you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth paying the tuition at all.

Innovative and Interactive Online Learning

Make School has modeled our Applied Computer Science Bachelor's on best practices from actual technology companies. Students use Google Calendar for meetings, Slack for class and school wide communication, Github for all code submissions and reviews, and have daily stand ups like most engineering teams. They are expected to message their instructors if they are going to miss a meeting like any engineer in industry would have to message their manager. Modeling our practices after industry practices made it easier for us to transition online - like many workplaces have.

The online program at Make School remains full-time and live, with small class sizes that allow for lots of collaboration and engaged learning. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our remote students have the same access to coaching, student services, mental health counseling, and more. Courses this past spring term were rated 8.5/10 by students.

Students at open house night
  • Synchronous online courses delivered at the regular time periods
  • Class recordings and all learning materials available in Learning Management System
  • Continued emphasis on project-based learning with breakout rooms and solo work time
  • Easy remote assessment thanks to Make School’s focus on using performance rubrics instead of grades
  • Industry tools like Zoom, Slack, Github and more

Computer Science taught the way it should be

“The classes I didn’t do well in were all theoretical. We were working in textbooks and doing problems in textbooks, and when you’re learning tech, if you’re learning from a textbook it’s already outdated, because everything moves so fast.”
— Tia King, commenting on her classes at her previous college before transferring to Make School

Tia King at demo night

Meet Alum Tia King. Tia struggled with the CS classes at her previous college. The environment she found herself in was so disheartening that she even gave up on computer science for a while, switching her degree to linguistics.

The thing that Tia says she enjoyed the most about the Make School environment is the freedom. "Make School provides any and all resources that they can to enable the students to do almost anything. You have to show the initiative and you have to put in the effort, but as long as you do that, they're willing to go above and beyond to make sure that you're able to achieve your goals. Combining that with the fact that it’s project-based learning -- so I can work on whatever I want to work on -- has been a very freeing experience."

  • Project based curriculum in all classes designed together with industry partners
  • Instructors with industry backgrounds from top tech companies
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Well rounded curriculum focused on CS skills as well as character development and liberal education

Our alumni succeed in the tech industry with a $100k average starting salary

While every industry has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, tentative early indicators show that the tech industry will be the most resilient to the upcoming financial crisis. While we are aware of hiring freezes for both jobs and internships at this time, we have also continued to see strong job placement since the pandemic has hit. A few of the placements we have recently had have been at companies that include Apple, Pandora, Microsoft, Zendesk, and Oracle.

We continue to provide as much career support to students as possible. This includes providing students with mock technical interviews with our instructors - 3 times a year, we pause classes and help students get practice interviewing. We recently conducted our first mock interviews virtually, which will prepare students for the interviews they’ll be experiencing in these current times.

“Make School has a special place in my heart” (Mariela, University Recruiter @ Yelp)

Listen in on what top tech employers have to say about Make School.

Connect with top employers from day 1

Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute with Make School

A multi-week summer CS prep program to help select incoming students develop technical and soft skills.

Industry mentorship
by Microsoft and Lyft

An opportunity for Make School students to work on an idea they’re passionate about while getting advice and mentorship from software engineers at Microsoft and Lyft.

Technical job interview training
by Yelp

Yelp engineers coach Make School students to succeed at technical job interviews.

A tight knit community of likeminded makers - online and offline

At a time when physically distancing ourselves from each other is recommended for staying healthy, it’s more important than ever to find new ways to stay connected. At Make School, we believe that community interaction is a vital part of learning and we are continuing to put a strong focus on our online/virtual communities to prevent any feelings of isolation. Below are a few examples of how we have been supporting our community this spring:


Every morning, students join online to connect with their small group and do fun, insightful activities together.

CoWork Support

CoWork is Make School’s newest initiative to give students the time and space to get work done! Whether that means collaborating in a breakout room with peers, or getting some 1:1 help from a TA/peer mentor or staff, CoWork is open to all students.

Spirit Week

Make School is hosting virtual spirit weeks to help boost spirits. Each day will involve new, fun ways to dress up and get silly with each other from a distance!

Make School of Codecraft and Makery Competition

Students will be self-selecting into “houses” and participating in a number of inter-house challenges to foster intimacy, fun, joy, and engagement.

Going to college is about a whole lot more than just getting a degree.

Listen to what students have to say about the Make School community.

Watch our latest webinar on our progressive plans for Fall 2020

It’s not too late, we’re still accepting applications for Fall 2020.

We’re currently doing rolling admissions. Applicants that complete all admissions steps in a timely manner can receive admissions decisions within 3 weeks of submitting all application materials. Learn more about our Admissions process here.

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