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Our mission remains unchanged

We know these are challenging times. Colleges across the country have been required to adapt extremely quickly to current circumstances. Make School has risen to this challenge and has successfully shifted all classes online while maintaining our synchronous, personal teaching approach. But while we may have changed our methods to deliver education, our guiding principles remain untouched. They are:

Project-based education
Strong focus on outcomes
Personal teaching approach
Tight-knit community
Student-first mission

Onsite Learning vs Online Learning at Make School

    Onsite Learning

  • Student coaching
  • Project-Focused courses
  • Group and pair-programming work
  • Recorded classes
  • In-person engagement
  • Industry mentoring
  • Technical interview prep opportunities
  • Office hours readily available

    Online Learning

  • Student coaching
  • Project-Focused courses
  • Group and pair-programming work
  • Recorded classes
  • In-person engagement
  • Industry mentoring
  • Technical interview prep opportunities
  • Office hours readily available

Make School is committed and prepared to offer a quality learning experience for each of you

As we navigate a Fall Term that is largely remote, we want to first and foremost assure you that Make School will continue to offer a quality learning experience for each of you. We are committed no matter whether that learning is remote, as Make School has been since March, or whether it is in-person, once COVID-19 regulations have been lifted. We are so excited to welcome you to Make School and have a wealth of great classes, career programming, and other activities in store.

This fall, as COVID-19 continues to impact our community, we've been able to provide learning experiences online that have delighted our new students. Most students have opted to live at home, but a handful have moved into Make School preferred housing that has been organized to maintain proper safety guidelines in light of the pandemic. Our options for in-person activities are dependent on approval from local public health authorities and we must all be prepared, at very short notice, to reduce or limit on-campus activities should pandemic conditions worsen at any point before the end of the fall term.

We're proud to have demonstrated our ability to adapt quickly and feel confident that whatever circumstances await us in Fall 2021, Make School is equipped to offer the same rigorous, collaborative learning experience to all students. We will resume on-site operations only when it is safe to do so.

Community Health and Safety will always be our biggest priority

The safety of our students and staff will always be our number one priority. We closed our campus one full week before San Francisco announced its shelter-in-place order this past March and we will continue to monitor the situation closely and take action as necessary.

While there is still much uncertainty around when we'll be able to fully re-open, we are committed to and planning for all scenarios. And above all, we are making our plans with a student-first approach. This means that even in the event we are allowed to partially re-open in the coming year, we plan on maintaining an onsite-optional program and operating with an onsite + online learning approach for as long as we are able.

Our online offering is designed to provide the full Make School experience - a project-based, industry-relevant CS curriculum taught in small classes to an inclusive community of students. We recently asked Make School students: How has your learning experience with Make School's online classes been? 4 out of 5 students say it has been on par or better than on-site classes.

In addition, since Make School has modeled our Bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science on best practices from actual technology companies, students use Google Calendar for meetings, Slack for class and school wide communication, and Github for all code submissions and reviews, and have daily stand ups like most engineering teams. They are expected to message their instructors if they are going to miss a meeting like any engineer in industry would have to message their manager. Modeling our practices after industry practices made it easier for us to transition online - like many workplaces have.

The online program at Make School remains full-time and live, with small class sizes that allow for lots of collaboration and engaged learning. We've worked hard to ensure that our remote students have the same access to coaching, student services, mental health counseling, and more. Courses this past spring term were rated 8.5/10 by students.

Make School staff and faculty celebrating spring graduates

Admissions & Enrollment Updates

We are conscious of the fact that a lot has changed and the prospect of admissions and enrollment can feel daunting. We want to assure all prospective students that Make School has already put changes and policy in place to make the process easier.

Domestic Admissions

Make School is a test-optional college - we have never placed importance on the SAT/ACT. You do not have to submit SAT/ACT scores to apply. This is more important now than ever in light of the tests that have had to be canceled as a result of the current crisis.

Domestic students may now use UNOFFICIAL transcripts to receive an admission decision so long as the grades, class titles, student name, and institution name are clearly visible.

International Admissions

International Students may now use the Duolingo Proficiency Exam for $49.00. The minimum score we will accept as meeting our requirement is 105. The score was arrived at by correlating both our TOEFL passing score and IELTS passing score with the Duolingo scores.


We will also be offering deposit waivers and reductions to students and families who have been negatively affected by COVID-19. Prospective students must email with the subject line, "Deposit Waiver/Reduction - COVID-19" to inform us of their change in financial circumstances.

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