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Our students create a vibrant and inclusive community, living at the heart of the technology industry

Our student body is diverse and inclusive

Diversity breeds innovation - this is a fact that guides Make School's mission to ensure that higher education is accessible to all. We see diversity as a key element to the success of organizations and the tech community as a whole. We are building a college and a community that supports the learning and success of students from all genders, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, and societal or economic backgrounds. We consider freedom of thought and the open exchange of ideas key to an effective learning environment. That kind of exchange can happen only in an environment that recognizes the value of each person and fosters mutual respect. As a college with small classes, we are uniquely positioned to provide individualized support that allows all students to succeed. Make School implements research-based strategies and policies to provide a safe, nurturing environment for women and underrepresented minorities to excel.

You'll live in the heart of Silicon Valley

Living in San Francisco puts students at the heart of the technology industry's biggest hub and one of the world's most vibrant cities. As a student, you will be studying right next to both the large companies and startups that power much of the software we all use on a daily basis.

Make School enables students to soak up crucial networking and learning opportunities with industry leading companies. We organize regular field trips to company offices and also conduct a recurring speaker series, which hosts successful entrepreneurs, executives, and engineers from companies like Pixar, Lyft, LinkedIn, Netflix and more.

Student Life

Make School has a unique culture of community and inclusion, in that we want students to live together, work together, and grow their bond as cohort members. Living together allows students to create support systems and ultimately make lifelong friendships.

Students hanging out in the courtyard.

You'll experience the city as your campus

Campus Life

Healthy Lifestyle

Students are actively encouraged to balance their Make School work with a healthy lifestyle full of nutritious food, rest, and relaxation.

Explore SF

Explore SF

San Francisco affords many recreational activities including hiking, cycling, visiting museums, and exploring the historic neighborhoods and culture of the city.

Join Community

Join Community

There are a multitude of communities and meet ups in the city that students can join to network with other professionals and learn new skills.

You'll have agency to create community

Resident Assistant

Serve as a resource to your peers in student housing. Help support your peers in the dorms - make sure they are comfortable and be responsible for communicating student issues and concerns.

Events Assistant

Help plan and execute events. Volunteer to create a memorable experience for anyone attending Make School events and in exchange network with like minded peers and mentors.

Student Council

Give voice to the student body and liaison between students and staff. Be responsible for making sure student needs and expectations are met and exceeded.


Prepare to engineer fun. Energize the group and manage a budget for monthly social events to promote innovation, creativity, and bonding in the Make School community.

Social Media

Be an agent of revolution in education. Generate content for Make School's social media platforms and help us empower and educate students much like yourself around the world.

Student Ambassador

Welcome and give tours to prospective students. Introduce them to the community and help answer any questions they may have about student life and prospects at Make School.

Schedule a visit to Make School

Following local and state safety guidelines, we are not conducting any campus visits at this time.

Discover what it's like to become a student

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