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Each year Make School welcomes exceptional transfer students from institutions around the country who are looking to dive deep into the practical study of computer science. We appreciate the ways in which transfer students add to the fabric of diverse backgrounds at Make School with their unique perspectives.

Transferring to a new school is exciting and our admissions team is dedicated to assisting all of our students through that process as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. For students who are planning to transfer, we will provide an admissions officer to help support them. You can contact us with any transfer-related questions directly at .

Below is some more information on the process and criteria required when transferring to Make School’s Bachelor of Applied Computer Science program.

Transfer Process

Applying to Make School

Transfer Students must complete the general application for the Bachelor’s program in Applied Computer Science.

After Submission

Upon reading the application, an admissions officer will either schedule an interview and/or request the documents necessary to process an application. Please see the criteria listed in the next section for more details on which documents are required for each unique situation.

Transfer Criteria

All transfer students with 24 or more university/college units will be required to provide the following:

  • Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended
  • Official documentation of proof of HS graduation

Please note the following details with regards to the transfer process:

  • Students with at least one semester of transferable credit from an accredited post-secondary institution will be considered transfer students. Typically, transfer students have completed 24 or more university/college units.
  • If a transfer student has fewer than 24 units at the time the application is complete, the student must submit an official high school or GED transcript and SAT/ACT scores. However, if a student has been out of high school for more than 2 years, SAT/ACT scores are not required.
  • There is no limit to the total number of credits a student can transfer to Make School. There are, however, restrictions on how the credit applies toward graduation requirements. For questions or more detailed inquiries, email .
  • Veteran Applicants: The process and criteria for veterans is the same as other transfer students.

Admissions Timeline

The admissions timeline for transfer students is the same as for regular applicants:


November 18, 2018

Early Action
Admissions Decision by December 21*

January 7, 2019

Regular Decision 1
Admissions Decision by February 15*

March 15, 2019

Regular Decision 2
Admissions Decision by April 14*

August 26, 2019

First Day of Class

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