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Bachelor in Applied Computer Science

We are Building the College We Wished Existed

Product based

Product Based Education

You’ll spend 2.5 years learning the ins and outs of computer science and product development through building software designed to impact real problems. You’ll be learning the same technologies, frameworks and design process used by tech companies.

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Student-Focused Financial Protections

In 2014 we began championing college financing that is tied to student employment upon graduation. Today, we offer Title IV funding along with a repayment protection plan that caps monthly repayments for all eligible graduates and will additionally bring monthly repayments to $0 for eligible graduates who are underemployed.

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Student-Focused Financial Protections
Built with

Built With Industry

Our instructors came from careers in the tech industry and are trained as educators. Engineers from our partner companies help us keep our education relevant and serve as your mentors.

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Our alumni earn an average starting salary of $100k with jobs at companies like

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Our students learn computer science by building real world products

Our students love to create. They are driven to build solutions to problems facing their communities. Our students are introspective. They challenge themselves to turn their weaknesses into strengths and grow into their best selves. Our students are open-minded and kind towards others, regardless of creed, class, and color. They are thoughtful in their communication, and bring empathy both to the products they design and their relationships with others.

Alirie Gray and James Rezendes' Project Video

Our education combines the best of

Liberal Arts

A broad-based education is critical to a fulfilling life and a successful career. You'll take classes on writing, design, personal finance, economics and ethics in engaging discussion and project based formats. You'll develop a growth mindset and curiosity to learn - so your education continues well beyond your time in school.

Computational Thinking

Computational thinking is the new literacy in a technology powered future. Our courses on modern tools and technologies will ensure you graduate into a job as a software engineer. While our foundational computer science courses will equip you with the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to adapt in a rapidly changing economy.

With our students at the center

We put your happiness first both in and out of the classroom by collecting your feedback every 3 weeks.

We pair you with a coach for personal goal setting and bi-weekly checkins

Student at event

Your education is centered around original projects that inspire you using technologies relevant to industry.

We align our incentives with your success through a repayment protection plan for eligible graduates.

Our students spend their days learning, coding, and engaging with industry

  • 9am Start the day with a huddle to share your goals for the day
  • Lunch with your coach to discuss your progress and career trajectory
  • Take a class on character development to improve your soft skills
  • Work on the project you'll present to industry at Demo Night
  • 6pm Attend a meetup on open source and civic technology

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Discover what it's like to become a student

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