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Bachelor in Applied Computer Science

Make School puts students first

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Our education is built on four cornerstones

CS Fundamentals

Foundations in computer science are critical to understanding how computing has developed and what the future holds. Through classes on data structures, algorithms, web applications, and full-stack web development, you’ll build the critical thinking and creative problem solving skills necessary to adapt over a long career in the rapidly changing technology industry. You’ll develop the ability to architect software to solve complex real world problems.

Liberal education

A broad based education helps you round out your worldview and understand the potential impact and risks of technology in our rapidly changing society. You and your peers will navigate conversations about gender, race, and ethics currently facing the tech industry. You’ll take classes on writing, personal finance, and economics to help you develop into a successful professional and engaged citizen.

Project-Based Learning

Practical experience in building and shipping real world software, using industry standard tools and collaboration techniques will equip you to secure and succeed in your first job upon graduation. You’ll choose a technical concentration in either data science, mobile (iOS), front end web, or back end web, and learn the modern languages and frameworks in demand with employers. You’ll enter the workforce knowing how to communicate with stakeholders and design great products.

Character Development

Modern organizations expect people to bring their whole selves to work, so we expect you to work on your whole self at school. Leaders are defined not by their intelligence or skill, but by their grit, resilience, courage, empathy, candor, and kindness. You’ll work to build character through coaching, team projects, guest speakers, discussions, and group projects designed to help you understand and navigate your personal development and relationships with others.

Enrollment Options That Fit Your Needs

Now you can decide whether you want to attend Make School as an On-Campus or Online* student. Whichever type of enrollment you choose, you’ll get the same rich experience.

Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
Project-Based & Small Group Learning Project-Based & Small Group Learning
Classes Taught By Industry Pros Classes Taught By Industry Pros
Weekly Office Hours with Instructors Weekly Office Hours with Instructors
One-On-One Coaching One-On-One Coaching
Career Support & Demo Nights Career Support & Demo Nights
Industry & Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Industry & Peer-to-Peer Mentorship
Community Activities & Events Community Activities & Events

Build Real-World Products

If you love to create and are driven by building solutions to problems facing your community, Make School is the place for you. You’ll spend 2.5 years learning computer science and product development by building software and using the same modern technologies, frameworks, and design process used by tech companies.

Learn From Real-World Engineers

Our instructors come from careers in the tech industry and are trained as educators. Engineers from partner companies like Spotify, Lyft, Microsoft, and Yelp help us keep our education relevant.

Live Like a True Tech Professional

We structure our student experience after the work life of tech industry pros. Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM PST. Here’s what a typical day looks like at Make School.

  • 9:30am Start the day with your first class
  • Lunch with your coach to discuss your progress and career trajectory
  • Take a class on character development to improve your soft skills
  • Work on the project you'll present to industry at Demo Night
  • 6pm Attend a meetup on open source and civic technology

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs.

Discover what it's like to become a student

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