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Careers at Make School

Join us in rethinking, redesigning, and rebuilding higher education.

Fast Company covered our new partnership with Shopify that was announced today! See the Article Here

Working at Make School

We define the word "company" not as a business, but as a group of people working together towards a shared purpose. Our team is the operational engine and cultural core of Make School. Together we create, we organize, we design, we engineer in hopes of building a brighter future for our students.

At Make School We Care About

Our Mission

Our Mission

Every Make School team member is deeply passionate about making higher education more modern, engaging, and accessible for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. We’re building a model of education that puts student needs and goals at the core.

Our People

Our team and students are smart, diverse, passionate and kind. We come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe, uniting for our cause. We aim to treat each other like family and create an environment of warmth, fun, and belonging.

Our People
Our Ethics

Our Ethics

We strive to treat people well, do right by our students and our team, and support our surrounding community. This could mean tough love, a shoulder to cry on, or humanizing bureaucracy. We hope everyone who enters our doors, whether students or staff, leaves better off than as they came.

Open Positions

We're seeking to grow our diverse and talented team with people passionate about education. People who see purpose as vital to the soul, and who have the courage to open their heart to our team and our students. This will be a chapter of your life you'll always remember. We hope you join us!

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