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Brand Guidelines


Primary typeface

Proxima Nova Regular

Proxima Nova Semi-Bold

Proxima Nova Regular Italic

Proxima Nova Bold

Proxima Nova Light

Proxima Nova Bold Italic

Proxima Nova Medium


Primary colors

Light Blue

Hex: #4BB1E4

RGB: 75, 177, 228

CMYK: 63, 13, 0, 0

Pantone: 298 U

*Limited use as an accent color

Medium Blue

Hex: #087CB8

RGB: 8, 124, 184

CMYK: 85, 44, 6, 0

Pantone: 7461 C

Dark Blue

Hex: #0D4062

RGB: 13, 64, 98

CMYK: 99, 75, 38, 26

Pantone: 108-9 C

Faint Grey

Hex: #F3F3F3

RGB: 243, 243, 243

CMYK: 4, 2, 2, 0

Pantone: P 179-1 C

*Only used for backgrounds

Light Grey

Hex: #87898C

RGB: 135, 137, 140

CMYK: 50, 40, 39, 4

Pantone: Cool Gray 10 UP

Medium Grey

Hex: #4A4A4A

RGB: 74, 74, 74

CMYK: 66, 59, 57, 39

Pantone: 176-16 U

Dark Grey

Hex: #303030

RGB: 135, 137, 140

CMYK: 70, 63, 63, 61

Rules for gradients

Gradients should only be used on hero images, with the exception of certain marketing materials if a gradient is appropriate. When a gradient is applied, please refrain from using too many colors and stick with either dark or medium grey. Below is an example of an approved gradient style.


Basic guidelines

To ensure our brand is represented acurately it’s important to use images that reflect who we are in the most authentic way. Below are a few examples of what we look for.

Style guide

For more details on the UI elements, please check out our style guide.

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