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Student spotlight alirie hero
Never Looking Back with Alirie Gray "I withdrew from university to attend the Product College, and I haven't regretted it once."
Lynneokada photo hero
Dreaming Big with Lynne Okada "Experiencing the life of a Silicon Valley engineer was very appealing to me. “
Student Spotlight: Uchenna Aguocha From Nashville to San Francisco and Hopefully, Back Again
Bringing a growth mindset back home with carlos diez hero
Bringing a Growth Mindset Back Home with Carlos Diez
Following up and following through with trevin wisaksana hero
Following Up and Following Through with Trevin Wisaksana
Building something for the world with josh archer hero
Building Something for the World with Josh Archer
Creating your own destiny with kennybatista hero
Creating Your Own Destiny with Kenny Batista
Making what people want with alexreilly hero
Making What People Want with Alex Reilly
Learning about learning with scotttyler hero
Learning About Learning with Scott Tyler
Solving actual problems with leslie kim hero
Solving Actual Problems with Leslie Kim
Making music easier to love with briansakhuja hero
Making Music Easier to Love with Brian Sakhuja
Getting the most out of a gap year with samdrozdov hero
Getting the Most Out of a Gap Year with Sam Drozdov
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