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Why Hour of Code Matters: Encouraging Computer Science Education


Why Hour of Code Matters: Encouraging Computer Science Education

December 8, 2015

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This week (Dec. 7th - 13th), Make School is celebrating Computer Science Education Week, joining a global movement that reaches tens of millions of students in over 180 countries around the world. The annual campaign spearheads a commitment to getting schools and students excited about computer science by participating in Hour of Code events that pique interest in programming.

The global push mirrors our own mission at Make School -- we’ve always believed that coding is the world’s first superpower. Today’s young people are itching to create social impact, and this week we work to remind everyone that programming is increasingly essential in creating that progress around the world. We believe that we have the ability to give students the power to make this impact -- and it all starts with that first hour of code, when a student’s love for the excitement and the possibilities of computer science first take root.

With many of today’s problems becoming easier to solve through innovative technology, the world of tomorrow will be populated by workers and institutions that require technological knowledge no matter the sector. We are gearing up for a creative future -- one populated by engineers and designers and creators -- and it’s up to us to position students to be able to take advantage of this. It is our responsibility to give students access to the tools they need to succeed in this technologically adept future. Programming skill evens the playing field, allowing all future workers to be in charge of their creative input and giving them a greater share of worldwide technological solutions.

So what can we do to make sure that our students are ready for the future? Push computer science education in schools, starting from a young age. Currently, there are only a handful of countries implementing coding requirements in schools. And in the U.S. only a little more than half the states allow computer science to count for math and science graduation requirements. That’s not enough. In order for us to harness technology, we need every student to learn computer science. Tell your community -- teachers, parents, peers -- about the importance of computer science; and if your local school or community isn’t having an Hour of Code event this week, push them to do one.

The promise of technology is bright, and it is incredibly important to equip students with the skills that will be essential in getting to work on the world’s toughest issues. Let’s move towards more computer science education -- both this week and beyond!

Have you learned the world’s first superpower yet? Get started creating your first mobile app -- and your very own Pokemon clone -- with our Gotta Code ‘Em All tutorial! Share this tutorial with your teachers and friends to help us spread the word!

Want more computer science education? Enroll in our Online Academy and learn to design, code, and ship your own iPhone app.

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