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Student Profile: Unathi Chonco


Student Profile: Unathi Chonco

October 8, 2015

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Growing up in South Africa, I wasn't always exposed to the world as much as many people around here. South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, is a place that has been filled with an integration of cultures and people from all over the world. I believe this is why the move to San Francisco has been a revitalizing culture shock pushing me forward rather than a scary one holding me back. I have always been a self motivated individual, inspired to continue on my journey by industry leaders and success stories, and truly pushed forward by doing what I am passionate about. Discovering my passion for programming leads back to realizing my ability to create something out of nothing, which sparked a fire that has only grown ever since. This burning desire to create, and conviction to change the world, impacting lives, is what makes me who I am: Not what I do, but what drives me to do that. Ultimately, who I am, and who I have become through personal development and experience, has brought me to Make School.

I hope that Make School will be the launching pad of the legacy I leave behind. I aim to create solutions to problems that affect great multitudes, to provide services that revolutionize an industry if not become its own. In the process of doing this I hope to never stop pushing myself in every sphere of life. What I learn from Make School should set me on a path of not just being a technical expert but also an expert in communication and leadership.

At my first job I would like to work at a company that will expose me to a collaboration of skills such as communication, leadership as well as utilizing my technical abilities. This will help me to move forward into creating a company of my own that will solve solutions to some of the world’s problems by providing a service

Over the next 50 years I hope to get involved in the development and provision of services needed by communities all over the world. Providing internet access to the entire world is something that interests me because it would result in greater opportunities and possibilities for all. I hope to be described as someone who empowered and inspired others to reach their full potential. My funeral should not be a mourning of my death, but a celebration of my work and the continuation of a legacy. I hope to have relationships that can all be described as family because of the obvious abundance of love and camaraderie.

By Unathi Chonco

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