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Online Academy fall session begins with over 9,000 students!


Online Academy fall session begins with over 9,000 students!

October 20, 2014

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The fall session of our Online Academy kicked off in October, an 8-week self-serve course designed to teach people how to make their own iPhone game. It’s a mix of text-and-image based online tutorials, peer-to-peer support and paid technical support, provided by our new partner Codementor.

Enrollment rose more than 15x from the summer session creating an active online learning community around the course. For the first time ever, our community was able to support itself, something we could have never predicted. After all, more users does not usually mean less support tickets!

This Summer, we saw 40 games created, so it will be exciting to see how many games are created this Fall! If you haven’t enrolled yet, you can do so here.

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